Acme South in Bangsar is no longer a secret and despite already residing for a while now in the ultra-chic, up-beat and elegant space at the Bangsar Village 1, the semi alfresco and indoor bar that is rooted in bricks and wood flair still boasts an elevated experience for the taste of Southern American. The garage canopy with large glass panel and windows with chains of LED lit beautifully, making dining experience extra posh and relaxing.


2.Acme South Official Launch @ Bangsar
1. Acme South Official Launch @ Bangsar


Last week, the restaurant glow and celebrates the long awaited official launch and celebrating alongside the good times and great food at the launch, was warm hospitality and charming welcome from the entire team, plus a flow of delectable food and endless clinked of wine and beer glasses. There is no intimate atmosphere instead the party was loud, with DJ and amazing crowd coming together to rejoice the restaurant with fantastic plate of food that is worth returning for.


7.Acme South Official Launch @ Bangsar
3.Acme South Official Launch @ Bangsar


Restaurants and bars seem to shutter as soon as people become used to their presence here in Bangsar but Acme South takes pride in their slow smoked barbeques, and brings all the meaty goodness from their highlight to treat all you meat lovers out there.


4.Acme South Official Launch @ Bangsar


Started with the Onion String Fries going around as light bites and when proper food is being served, I sampled quite some mesmerizing and memorable flavours, especially their 12 hour smoked Black Angus brisket with the exterior crisp black and retains firm with a very tender cut on the inside. The BBQ sauce is quite a signature and the espresso BBQ sauce definitely has playfulness in it with the combination of all sweet, bitter and savoury touch. Chicken Pasta served al dante, just the way I liked it and satisfying enough to have me ordering this on my next visit.


5.Acme South Official Launch @ Bangsar


Once done and made it through the BBQ meats and requisite side dishes, some fantastic dessert await; the Raspberry Chocolate Cake and Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice-cream. You probably know by now that I am absolutely no fan of vanilla, yet I polished the ice cream and absolutely love it very much on the apple pie. The cake however, didn’t quite impress me but the night ended well and the party was quite a success.


6.Acme South Official Launch @ Bangsar
Here is Acme South’s Menu and big congratulations to Andrew and his team.


Acme South is located at:
LG10 Bangsar Village One,
Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2283 6288
GPS: 3.129946,101.671695


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