The first thing anyone stares at when entering the Wanderlust Cafe at Solaris Mont Kiara is most probably the beautiful pendant of bottles hanging above a long communal table right in the middle of the cafe. With minimal concept at the interior, the bare wall directs the focus mostly to the bar with shinny espresso lever next to a MBC trophy.


1.Wanderlust Cafe @ Solaris Mont Kiara


Apart from their trophy and interior flaunt, they are paying good attentions to their food. The menu lists conventional food with just a tact perk of some twitching to pleasantly surprise the palate, making the meal very enjoyable. Their House made Soup (RM 15) is served with garlic toast and deep fried beets with a dollop of mayo sauce to go with it. This time around, we get the roasted tomato soup that was pleasantly sour and appetizing with mild and slight trenchant after taste- a great way to start the meal as appetizer. Also a lovely starter/sharing platter, Flaming Wings (RM 22) with hot sauce, spiced watermelon, and white sesame; something that reminds me of those Korean fried chicken that I love.


2.Wanderlust Cafe @ Solaris Mont Kiara
3.Wanderlust Cafe @ Solaris Mont Kiara


Slow Cooked Beef Burger (RM 26) comes with carrot, apple, fried free ranged egg and this lovely beetroots cooked so perfect to still having a light outer crunchy texture over soft and juicy inner cube. I am all over the beets here. It is apparently common to see the beets appearing in most of their dishes, but I am not complaining.


4. wanderlust slow cooked beef burger
Wanderlust @ Solaris Mont Kiara KL (review at )


For a taste of Oriental, here is the Chinese burger with lovely fillings inspired by the taste of the silk road. There is the Trio of Gua Bao (RM 22) in a basket of three, with chicken thigh, black olives, raisins, and cilantro. Eating this can be a little messy but the powerful hint of spices didn’t stop me from digging in with my hands.


5.Wanderlust Cafe @ Solaris Mont Kiara


Vege lover behold, their Baby Spinach (RM 23) delicately picked and coalesce with apple, raisins, goji, beets and orange vinaigrette, to bring much complex flavours to the otherwise bland and boring plate of salad. This composition is pretty amazing especially with the nicely done deep fried poached free range egg served atop the bed of leaves.


6.Wanderlust Cafe @ Solaris Mont Kiara


Despite a one page menu, Wanderlust here takes you to limitless border when it comes to their mains. From the barn to the sea and pasta fusing with much localized preferences, everything is almost perfect when we had them. New on their menu is the Grilled Spring Chicken (RM 33) cleverly paired to go with chimichurri, thick fries and buttered vegetables although the half chicken was regrettably desiccated from over grilling.


7.Wanderlust Cafe @ Solaris Mont Kiara


From the sea, this amazing plump fillet of Crispy Salmon Steak (RM 32) so incredibly perfect in every way I would remember to order this again when I revisit. Beautifully placed on pan roasted asparagus and pineapple salsa, the slice of salmon steak sits remarkably on those tangy flavour with inside still pinkish and juicy I didn’t remember snapping a cross section of it.


8.Wanderlust Cafe @ Solaris Mont Kiara


The staff recommended their Tiger Prawn Pasta (RM30) with the luscious salted egg yolk sauce. The effort with their handcrafted pumpkin tagliatelle pasta is worthy of applaud but not quite yet earning the standing ovation. Salted egg yolk really can’t go wrong but I would prefer a little more viscous.


9.Wanderlust Cafe @ Solaris Mont Kiara


The beverage menu was also touched with tact of creativity and effort. Hot Cinnamon Spice (RM 9) here interestingly fuse China black tea with cinnamon, orange peel and sweet cloves together and is not something you can imagine based solely on the description. Cinnamon is strong but it isn’t something I would reorder. But of course, conventional favourites are irreplaceable.


10.Wanderlust Cafe @ Solaris Mont Kiara


Premium Chocolate (RM 10) is classically rich and lucious with cocoa, every sip is chocolaty. Same goes with the Single Origin Choco (RM 15) which uses 70% cacao from Bahia region, Brazil and is obviously a luxury indulgence of chocolate. And having a MBC trophy next to the coffee bar really encourages us to order the coffee. Hand brew single origin is available here in case anyone is interested, but we had a lovely pour of Latte (RM 11).


13.wanderlust cafe


They’re best selling dessert, the Beeramisu (RM 15) with Irish cream, stout and chocolate shavings on top and served inside a glass jar was an instant charm by the looks of it. Alas, the top layer was slighty parched despite the rich layer of cream.


11.Wanderlust Cafe @ Solaris Mont Kiara
12.Wanderlust Cafe @ Solaris Mont Kiara


Click HERE for Wanderlust’s Menu.


Wanderlust Café is located at :
10 Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6211 9688
GPS: 3.17577,101.65924


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