From Kyushu-style tonkotsu made with long-simmered pork bone broth, to simple miso based soup, we’ve seen a spate of ramen joints and Jikasei Ramen at SS 2, Petaling Jaya is quite a good pick to grab a good steaming bowl of ramen at reasonable pricing. With only a handful of varieties to offer, the ramen types all share the same good ramen texture which was pleasingly chewy (even after a long photographing time). These bouncy noodles are topped with diverse toppings but their signature is hard to be forgotten when you see an entire rib getting the entire spotlight in that otherwise ordinary looking bowl of noodle. Supearibu ramen (RM 18.80) is served topped with Japanese style marinated braised pork spare rib imported from Spain. Eating the rib is obviously challenging but the staffs always offer to cut them for you.


1. Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2
2.Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2


When the entire rib is overwhelming, that’s when the Buta Kakuni Ramen (RM 17.80) becomes the crowd pleaser. This Japanese braised pork belly so tender and juicy, the contrast with the ramen, wakame, vege, fish cake and spring onion becomes an instant enjoyment.


3.Jikasei Ramen @ ss2


In contrary to the rather ordinary and not too extravagant looking broth, it tasted flavourful yet unrelenting for you to completely enjoy every sip until the bowl is polished. Cha Shu Ramen (RM 15.80) served with ramen topped with homemade pork cha shu (also imported from Spain), marinated soft-boiled egg, wakame, vege, fish cake and spring onion.


4. Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2


For something out of the ordinary and the perfect slurp of refreshing chilled ramen, the Ponzu Spicy Ramen (RM 15.80) serves a hearty bowl of spicy vinegar chilled ramen with toppings pork cha shu, wakame, some vege like spring onion and some grated white radish. Mixing all in and every bite is ridiculously appetizing. Take note it was also accompanied by an impeccable cooked egg that splits open with the consistency of velvet custard.


5. Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2


Opposing to sour savoury is this sweet savoury Hiyashi Chuka (RM 15.80), also a chilled ramen but pleasingly coated with sesame sauce and beautifully presented with julienned carrot, cucumber, sengkuang, alongside the BBQ sliced pork.


6. Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2


The sides and add ons were equally decent, with Buta Gyoza (RM 8.90)for an enjoyment of juicy meat contrasting with a layer of crispy “wings”, Kaisen Okonomiyaki (RM 9) for the umami balance of shrimp, squid, cabbage and bonito flakes still dancing when served, and Amera Tomato Su (RM 7) for that refreshing fresh marinated tomato with Japanese Yuzu vinegar.


7. Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2
8. Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2
9. Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2


Tomatoes were imported from Japan, and what appears ordinary looking might just surprised you.


10. Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2


The flavour close to home and easily acceptable to mass audience here is their homemade Japanese pork meat ball. Like the rest of their pork Buta Tsukune Yaki (RM 11.90) also uses imported meat from Spain and when put together with the teriyaki sauce, presents a tight and rich flavour in each meatball.


11. Jikasei Ramen @ SS 2


Like many other restaurants in SS 2, this place is forever challenging when it comes to getting a car park. Jikasei Ramen is located near McDonalds and the stealthy, sensible décor, with dark wood and light bulbs, provides comfy dining.


Click HERE for Menu.


12. Jikasei Ramen SS 2
13. Jikasei Ramen ss2


Jikasei Ramen is located at :
No. 52, Jalan SS2/61
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7865 3254
GPS: 3.1192414,101.61784


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