Jaslyn Cakes at Bangsar operates in a half shop along the Telawi in Bangsar enclave, with a showcase of dainty cakes and cookies to impress their customers at the very second when you walk right through their glass door. The bakery showcase and their coffee bar occupied the rear half of long and narrow space so the seat in the long corridor facing the counter would bear the brunt of the constant bustle of takeaway customers. Choose your seat carefully; further back is slightly cosier. And forget about the outside of the shop on hot days, but that’s where you get the best instagram shot.


1. Jaslyn Cakes @ Bangsar


They need not a huge perimeter for their cakes, instead this tiny cake shop is already popular amongst dessert lovers. Accommodating only half the shop, the seats are very limited but were comfortable. The array of cakes was fabulous so get ready to sink your teeth into some decent cakes and pair them with a nice house blend coffee. One that comprises of the Sumatran bean (my latest obsession). Long Black (RM 9) and Latte (RM 11) may not be the best selection but if you are a coffee person, that’s a good choice.


4.Jaslyn Cakes @ Bangsar
3. Jaslyn Cakes @ BAngsar


Although fancy and delectable looking, the perpetual fluttering of flies around the cakes were really disturbing. Sure you don’t hear the whizzing but I can see them hovering above the exposed cakes. There are only two possible explanations to why they display the cakes exposed; 1: customers didn’t mind, and 2: the cakes sell so fast they needn’t a lid to cover it.


2. Jaslyn Cakes @ Bangsar Jalan Telawi


Having said that, the cakes are really charming and attractive looking if not the most delicious tasting.


5.Jaslyn Cakes @ Bangsar
6.Jaslyn Cakes @ Bangsar
7.Jaslyn Cakes @ Bangsar


The buffet of loaves and pastries here can certainly offer a good guide to one of the finer bakeries here in Bangsar. French Butter Loaf Slice (RM 6.90) and Lemon Bar (RM 8.90) wasn’t impressively mind blowing but this inconsistent visit of mine probably wouldn’t do them much justice.


8. Jaslyn
9.Jaslyn Cakes @ Bangsar


If there is anything we must express our concern, it would be the freshness of their cakes since some of them stood a long time before someone picks them home.


10.Jaslyn Cakes @ Bangsar
11.Jaslyn Cakes @ Bangsar


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The Jaslyn Cakes is located at:
7A, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
+60 3-2202 2868
GPS: 3.132271,101.67160
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jaslyncakes


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