Leave your backyards or house porch and put down those charcoals and tongs, because the best barbeque is not at home when you are living in Bangsar. It is hard to keep a secret in Bangsar and even harder to conceal when uncovers one. Bakar by the BIG GROUP at Lorong Kurau, Bangsar has a reputation larger than its compact, coverted front elevation to gladden the appetite and the heart, literally when it comes to serving the best grill.


6.Bakar @ Lorong Kurau


The artistic minimal-déco-styled reflecting within the bright neon lights houses flames of charcoal fires, with modern BBQ dishes with the twist of fusion influences, minus the cloud of smoke when the heat is cranked up high and low at the open kitchen; makes this indisputably excellent for dates.


7.Bakar @ Lorong Kurau


The smoky craft at Bakar gets an urban upgrade with their clever match of side dishes that accompanies. The Spring Chicken (RM 58) rewrites the rule of BBQ meats when it is served beautifully on a board alongside with pickles, raddish, toum sauce, and flatbread. Toum sauce and flatbread pairs like match made in heaven and this Lebanese flavour kicks in perfect with the spring chicken of tender meat and remains rewarding with the companion of pickles and raddish.


1. Bakar @ Lorong Kurau


And digging into more meat, their Rib Eye Steak (RM 108) with burned onion puree makes you feel good as you sink your teeth into the luscious cut of meat. The meat is pink and tender with and is juicy down to the last bite but more impressive on this is their burned onion puree instead of the steak.


2.Bakar @ Lorong Kurau


The Lamb Shoulder (RM 188) that follows is also fragrant, rich, tender and pink and inevitably more impressive than the first and retains the flaours from both the animal, and grill. Served to accompany is the dukkah and greek yogurt.


4.Bakar @ Lorong Kurau


Harvesting from the sea to grill is the local infused sting ray and this Ikan Pari (RM 45) is cleverly served with winged bean salad- a brilliant choice of companion to the otherwise ordinary piece of protein.


3.Bakar @ Lorong Kurau


In case if anyone is wondering if there are conventional fries that usually goes with grills, the closest comes with a twist of chicken salt zing on it. These Chicken Salt Fries (RM 15) is something you can afford to skip unless if you are a fan of mamee monster seasoning.


5.Bakar @ Lorong Kurau


Being a brainchild of constantly evolving BIG group, Bakar is bringing with it tons of creative and delicious desserts as well. With the grill dishes being succinct, their desserts were garrulous when it was presented in the most beautiful and exciting plating although tastes wise may not blow their patrons away. Charcoal Pavlova (RM 35) is fun to eat when it cleverly encased rapsberry sorbet and the combination of chocolate mousse, shortbread, macadamia brittle and those lovely berries lead to messy but delicious end.


8.Bakar @ Lorong Kurau


Being photography worthy adds certain novelty value but the desserts didn’t linger as long as their main dishes in the memory. Baked Cookies in Pan (RM 25) serves dark chocolate cookie topped with vanilla ice cream and S’more (RM 25) didn’t impress me with all those sweet ingredients; chocolate and earl grey parfait, shortbread, marshmallow, and grilled strawberries.


9.Bakar @ Lorong Kurau
10.Bakar @ Lorong Kurau


Click on link for menu: http://thebiggroup.co/menus/Bakar_Menu(lunch) and http://thebiggroup.co/menus/Bakar (Dinner)


Bakar by the BIG Group is located at:


11B, Lorong Kurau,
Taman Weng Lock, Bangsar
59000 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.122534, 101.671034
T: +603 2280 0073
F: +603 2282 3572
Operation Hours:
Lunch : 12:00pm – 3:00pm (Tuesday – Saturday)
Last Order: 2:30pm
Dinner : 6:00pm to 12:00am (Tuesday – Saturday)
Last Order: 10:30pm
Closed on Sundays and Mondays
Website: http://thebiggroup.co/bakar/


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