Celebrating a milestone of 18 years of value for money Japanese cuisine, Sakae celebrates its anniversary with the launch of a brand new menu, featuring more than 100 new additions designed to give your customers a whole new excitement of new flavours yield from labour of love by their team of experienced chefs. From sushi to sashimi to bento and noodles, the menu seem promising to satisfy all palates and cravings and offering only air-flown fresh Atlantic salmon, their all time salmon signature promises irresistible delights to their customers. This grand launch took place at the Paradigm outlet and was celebrated with a feast of their new menu.


1. Sakae sushi 18 awesome years


Sakae Salad (RM 13.99) Salmon, crabstick, seasoned jellyfish, soy based veggie, soybean, tomato, and Japanese omelette with a option of either wafu or goma dressing with the first being a more tantalising choice.


2.Sakae sushi 18 awesome years


Sashimi Mori Zen (RM 30.99) is a clever 5 kind sashimi perfect for sashimi lovers, with assortment of salmon, yellow tail, tuna, butterfish and octopus.


3.Sakae sushi 18 awesome years


And good news for fan of sakae’s signature, their new renditions of sushi just got better with clever interpretations combining fresh produce and sushi rice with added Vitamin E. Sumo Roll (RM 15.99) here is layered with sea eel and mango, and topped with avocado and salmon roe. Smoked Kamo Maki (RM 11.99) serves irresistible fried sushi rolls with Japanese cucumber and seaweed topped with succulent slice of smoked duck, and the classic Spider Roll (RM 11.99) gets a makeover with cucumber slice instead of nori sheet wrapping those crispy soft shell crab. I challenge anyone to pick this one up on a single attempt with the chopstick. (They are slippery as an eel)


4.Sakae sushi 18 awesome years
5.Sakae sushi 18 awesome years
6.Sakae sushi 18 awesome years


And if rice isn’t your thing then fret not because the meticulous team of craftsmen behind this new set of menu takes into consideration anyone who wants to opt to eat clean or go paleo for their diet. Their Salmon Cheese Roll (RM 16.99) eliminates the rice, and serves solely with salmon slice wrapping over crabstick, Japanese omelette and Japanese cucumber, all held together by cheese and topped with a blob of spicy mayo atop for that light hint of spike towards the end when eating it.


7.Sakae sushi 18 awesome years


Something to add on at communal dining is the Itoyoridai Katsu Nanban(RM 13.99) and this one is a highlight of their new innovative this year. Sweet and sour in nature, this sauce makes for flavoursome addition to selective dishes.


8.Sakae sushi 18 awesome years


Also showcasing their Nanban sauce, there is the Hotate Nanban Yaki (RM 10.99) where a serving comes with 2 pieces of succulent half shell scallops grilled with the lovely sauce.


9.Sakae sushi 18 awesome years


This new menu illustrates variation for both big groups and solo diners. Their Gyoza Ramen (RM 17.99) serves very simple combination of dumplings, spinach, Japanese fish cake and egg served with ramen in piping hot chicken soup based. Resembling and speaking between comfort and soul food, ramen enthusiast might disagree with the Sakae’s version.


10.Sakae sushi 18 awesome years


For desserts, Karinto Manjyu & Ice cream (RM 11.99) makes a perfect pair with addictive combination of sweet golden brown sugar bun filled with red bean paste to pair with a scoop of matcha ice cream. One serving maybe short but there is always the Warabi Mochi (RM 6.99) if you like a unique translucent mochi textured dessert to backed up the sweet craving.


11.Sakae sushi 18 awesome years
12.Sakae sushi 18 awesome years


Lastly, something weirdly strange and crazy but at the same time seemed to be very well accepted by the younger ones ;Mr Babycino (RM 8.99). This “froggie” concoction of citrus flavoured frothed milk topped with marshmallow gets attention without doubt but the obsessions from adults didn’t quite lasted after the first sip.


13.Sakae sushi 18 awesome years


Congratulations Sakae Sushi with the launch of new menu, and happy 18th anniversary. They are currently running a contest in conjunction with the celebration of 18 awesome years. Check out their Facebook or Instagram for more details.


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