Brolly at Menara Felda in the heart of Kuala Lumpur is an attractively spruced-up pub, with attentive staff and sensible pricing depending on what you ordered. The focus is on making both diners and drinkers unwind and relax themselves. Themed with mechanic tools, the bolts and wrenches, pipes and pliers and rims are all available all over– not just at the smartly dressed and lit dining space but the bar too.


1.Brolly @ menara Felda
2.Brolly @ menara Felda
3.Brolly @ menara Felda
4.Brolly @ menara Felda


The handsome bar counter is lined with beers, but also offers cocktails and a global wine and whisky lists. Be impressed with their range of mocktails, and the funky presentation that is set to feed up your social media feeds in no time. Passion and Peach Mocktails (RM 15), Classic Beergarita (RM 28), Pineapple High-Ballrus (RM 26), Wild berry High – Ballrus(RM 26), Apple Mojito (RM 15), Maracuja and Pineapple Mocktails (RM 15), Passion Beergarita (RM 30), all serves not only pretty colours, but boozing the meal with lots of happiness and clink of glasses as we dig into the food.


5.Brolly @ menara Felda


Cooking is assured, and quite good enough to justify the prices: Two Medium sized crab of your choice of flavours is selling for RM 148 per bag. All is packed with sweet meat and bright orange lumps crab roe peeking out from the plastic bags.


6.Brolly Felda


Don’t miss the Brown Crabs (RM 209) which are packed with sweet meat. They’re a mess to eat, and you need to really work at them with crackers but fret not because the taps and basins are pretty cool. This enormous crustacean comes with fantastic steam and aroma escaping from the bags when it’s brought to our tables. That’s right, seafoods here are served Lousiana style. So hands on straight from the bags to the table with no cutleries and most importantly, no hand phones (People spend way too much time on the phone at the dining table).


7.Brolly Felda


500g of Mussel (RM 45) was delicious and easier to unshell for sure, and we dipped everything in excess at the bottom of the plastic bag, where all the sweet juices are.


8. Brolly @ Menara Felda


Certainly not a destination for fine dining for sure, it’s still a brilliant place those who absolutely love slurping ultra-fresh oysters. Brolly is apparently those who keep their oysters fresh and living inside their tank. Their Kelly’s Gigas Oysters (RM98 per dozen) crowned champion tonight on my most favourite list.


9.Brolly Menara Felda KL
10. Brolly Menara Felda


Bar snacks and pub grubs are cut-above: Fried Chicken Cincalok (RM 18) although interesting is not of my preference. Garlic Escargot (RM 24 ), Chicken Strips (RM 18), and Onion Flower (RM 18) is quite the perfect bites to go with booze but better value is to be found on their ala carte menu, where you get communal dishes like salads and pizzas.


11.Brolly Felda KL
12.Brolly Felda KL
13.Brolly Felda KL
14.Brolly Felda KL


From Grilled Ceasar Salad (RM 15) to the more elaborated Spinach and Feta Melon Salad (RM 22), both makes a good addition to a balanced meal with the later being a real charm with the touch of refreshing sweet from the melon.


15.Brolly Felda KL
16.Brolly Felda KL


Also, both the Seafood Matriciana (RM 28) and Thai Beef Guava (RM 28) teams up really well with beers. The Thai flavoured pizza is memorable with the hint of lemongrass distinctively balancing those velvet melting cheese.


18.Brolly Felda KL
17.Brolly Felda KL


There is so much beyond just seafood alone. Beef Sirloin (RM 34) was pleasant with luscious steak and humble side of mashed potatoes and some greens. Make sure you emphasized your preferred level of doneness; I recommend rare to medium rare for this one.


19.Brolly Felda KL
20.Brolly Felda KL


And while it is totally okay to skip their steak, be sure to save space for their desserts. Showcasing most of their dessert in mason jars, here are the Creme Brulee (RM 16), Rocky Road (RM 16), and that favourite nostalgic flavour of Ribena in their Ribena Poached Pear (RM 16).If you are a breakfast person like me, you’d enjoy the Chunky Peanut Butter Granola (RM 16) although this one is really heavy for dessert and obviously strictly for sharing. In fact, here is a very honest suggestion- all desserts in those jars are way too hefty if you are dining solo.


21.Brolly Felda KL
22. Menara Felda Brolly


While dining at Brolly, be sure to enjoy every piece of interior both indoor and outdoor and while one can totally mainly feel the influence of the Louisiana seafood, you would be amazed by how delightful the whole eating experience. Neophytes, beware – the place can be tricky to find first time around. Especially with the renovations that’s ongoing within the building at the moment.


23. Brolly Menara Felda
24. Menara Felda Brolly


It was totally an experience for us, even if it meant getting our hands dirty.


25. Brolly Menara Felda KL


Brolly is located at:
Ground Floor, Menara Felda,
Platinum Park, Persiaran KLCC,
Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours: Open daily, 11am-11pm.
Tel: 03-2181-4122


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