I love Topokki at the Solaris Mont Kiara maybe looking small with a frame of overlooking semi open kitchen, very much resembling a takeaway counter but in actual fact is selling a very dense of two page menu of classic korean meals. If you’ve been eyeing off a bibimbap in a hot stone dolsot, a serve of chewy topokki or the excellent, crisp-skinned, peppery pork dumplings, consider this the right place to be. This here is a lot of food under one tiny little kitchen.


For meals with rice, Soybean paste stew (RM 16) serves the classic and comforting meal of Korean flavour accompanied by their side dishes of the day. There is no bland and boring in this one, instead only layers of flavor, with light tinge of spicy and refreshing. The soup is light weighty and hearty, great for light and comforting meal.


1. i love topokki
1. i love topokki (1)
2. I love Topokki


It is customary for folks to nibble on Toppoki (Korean rice cake) when dining in but this one here sells a good wholesome portion that is way more than just a nibbling size. At a good price, Toppoki with Sundae (RM 25) is satisfyingly good and filling.


3. I love Topokki


If that is not sufficient, there is always a solid bowl of Asian staple, rice. Served in a hot stone pot, there is the Rice with fish roe (RM 18) or the Hot Stone Pot Bibim Rice with Cheese (RM 18). Have steaming hot rice laden with bright red fish roe and scattering pieces of seaweed shreds above healthy vegetables like beans sprout, carrot and zucchini. Combine all different texture and this lovely mess is those comforting flavour you’d fall in love with.


4. I love topokki
5. I love topokki


Also don’t forget the Cheese hot pot rice, with the twist to the classic mixed rice dish bibimbap. The best part is not only the cheesy mess but also the crusty rice. I’ve always love how the crispy crust puts other rice dishes to shame. Pulling the melting cheese and mixing the healthy and delicious ingredients together is one comforting experience I can repeat perpetually.


6. I love topokki


Other soulful dishes on the menu include the Ginseng Chicken Soup (RM 29). This one is pretty authentic but is not the absolute choice for Malaysians who are customarily prefer their ginseng soup to be extra potent when it comes to this luxurious root. The mild aroma slightly bitter sweet with soft cooked rice enfolded inside the chicken can be pleasant if you like soup in your rice.


7. I love Topokki
8. I love topokki


To replace rice, the variety of noodle did not lack. Jjolmyun cold noodle with sweet and vinegar sauce (RM 16) is a good refreshing pick, especially with the crazy weather lately.


9. i love topokki
9. i love topokki


Combining all the crunchy and refreshing textured julienne vegetables, and mixing it with their noodle was very easy to enjoy for almost anyone who dislike vegetables.


10. I love topokki


As lovely and as much as I enjoyed these Korean flavours, Malaysians may disagree with most of their classic dishes.


I love Toppokki is located at :
7 & 9, Jalan Solaris 2,
Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.174505,101.660202
Tel: Phone:+60 14-930 2905
Opens Daily : 11 am- 9pm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/I-Love-Topokki/1413421155559081


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