The Yellow Brick Road at Bukit Damansara, Jalan Batai is best for brunch brats and coffee nerds. Serving some of the whackiest and cleverest twist of brunch dishes, this café that serves food that’s equally as good as their coffee are inescapable once you enter the newly refurbished Jalan Batai. Deck above them is the equally insane parlour that sells their wicked pancakes. The stairs may lead us to the wicked palour but we were told that food can be ordered from the yellow brick road and it bills in a single receipt too.


1.Yellow Brick road cafe


Roll up on a Saturday or Sunday for a bowl of Tripple C Baked Eggs (RM 24) with golden baked blanket of gooey melted cheese on top, all that to be dipped with toasted sundried tomato foccacia. Focaccia need tuning but the real scorer is inside those cheesy shelter; some good old chili con carne and minced beef.


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3.Yellow Brick road cafe (8)


Then came my favourite Korean fusion breakfast, bringing those fermented cabbage to pair with those flake layers of butter pastry; both of my favourite thing alongside clever and pretty garnished with flowers from spring onion. The Kimchi Scram (RM 20) here is a tact pricey and is a vegan’s dish but who would have guessed this lovely combination totally got me hooked, except their kimchi seriously doesn’t meet my expectations at all.


4.Yellow Brick road cafe (10)


Also notably impeccable when it comes to creativity is their names of their dishes. I Wanna Be Kaya (RM 22) sure speaks out loud with their clever accompaniment of strawberries, poached pear, coconut mascarpone cheese sandwich between super thick french toast and soaked with lovely caramel kaya sauce when eating it.


5.Yellow Brick road cafe (12)


And with the Wicked Parlour under the same roof, we ordered the Chocoholics (RM 26). And they weren’t kidding when it is named as such. The chocolate pancakes served with pistachios, chocolate shavings, caramelized beef bacon strips, fresh berries, Guinness/Nutella sauce and a scoop of chocolate ice cream. All the ingredients you can never have imagined to made it pass the r&d stage and onto the menu, all in one dish. The pancakes are quite a stealer with those lovely fluff texture but the sweet savoury of caramelized bacon plus the bitter sweet creamy malt aroma mixing with fresh berries really isn’t something I want to repeat. Nutella probably is a better replacement to the malt.


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Over the brew bar, they’ve got the name of award-wining coffee making expert to back them up. Alas, that don’t mean perfect coffee everytime you drop by but I do faithfully believes in their trained baristas for Jason Loo himself isn’t always available at the brew bar. Beverages are priced at standard like every other cafe; Chai Latte (RM 10), Long Black (RM 8) and Latte (RM 11).


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The place is still pack on weekends with unusual party of different crowds making the waiting scene optimistically joyful, and delightful to know that large turnaround at those big tables also means fresh food. There is spacious wood-centric interior and ambiance with plenty of lights and a child friendly corner for the little ones to have their own parties while the parents spend some relaxing time over a decent meal.


11.Yellow Brick road cafe (18)
12.Yellow Brick road cafe (19)


Click HERE for the menu.


The Yellow Brick Road and Wicked Pancake Parlour is located at :
8-7, Jalan Batai,
Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 3-2035 5922
Yellow Brick Road business hour- Open daily: 9am-6pm
Wicked Pancake Parlour business hour- Open daily:3-11pm
GPS: 3.1497817,101.661456


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