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Steamboat is a communal affair, and groups of diners usually enjoy steamboat in huge group but what happens when there is very few of you but would still like to enjoy cooking bits of variation in bowls of assorted bubbling stocks? The popular choice and answer to that would be Two Pesos, the modern Taiwanese mini steamboat that is already popular amongst steamboat lovers.


Offering a range of fresh ingredients and a lovely array of soups in individual pot serving size, the selection of mini pots were improvised and amended so the new menu is currently a lot more interesting with a couple of new additions along with few from old menu that has proven to be a keeper. Like the first outlet, this one uses recyclable menu where diners mark and pick the choices of combinations offered in respective combo sets. All the mini pot would come with a choice of either fish or poultry and carb source of either rice or noodle.


Two Pesos Steamboat Menu


This new and improved version of the second Two Pesos is essentially furnished, with higher ceiling for better ventilation, plain wooden tables each with stove inset. And following the success from the first outlet, the flavours of their soup are very global. From Japanese Sukiyaki to Mongolian hot pot, big parties can feast and sample from more than 10 kinds of soups. As well, over at the condiment station, their popular perfect-match-sauce that offers a diverse eating experience although I’d say those sweet broths is so flavourful you don’t need the array of sauces.


2.two pesos kota damansara
3. two pesos steamboat kota damansara


The goodness of fresh ingredients with sliced fish, vegetables and other goodies fortunately don’t come at VIP prices. The Japanese Sukiyaki Pot (RM 15.50) that is jam packed with flavours serves sweet and delicious soup that grows richer as the ingredients cooked. Plenty of mushrooms, sweet pea sprouts, radish, corn, pumpkin and all this matches well into the sweet sukiyaki pot.


4.Two pesos mini hotpot steamboat kota damansara
5.Two pesos mini hotpot steamboat kota damansara


Being a fantastic place for families to visit, I would recommend the all time favourite that’ll probably be right on top of the popularity chart; Milky Seafood Pot (RM 16). Faultlessly matching with sweetness of the seafood, with an actual slice of cheese inside the pot, this soft milky broth is bundled with umami sensation that pleases the taste bud. It is a top scorer amongst younger dinners. Merryn’s boys seemed to like this one and it was plenty of joy watching them enjoying their food.


6. Two Pesos Kota Damansara
7. Kota Damansara Two pesos


Sour Greenings Pot (RM 15) is least fancier when it comes to the broth but this one serves awesomeness because after a quick stir frying to extract the flavour from your meat, the clear broth is so ready for the vegetables, noodles and other cook-it-yourself goodies to plunge into the boiling broth.


11. Two Pesos SS 2 new outlet in Kota Damansara
12.Two Pesos SS 2 new outlet in KD


And with the sour vegetables cooking in the pot, there is no need for dipping sauces.


8. Two Pesos Taiwan Steamboat in Kota Damansara
9. Two Pesos Taiwan Steamboat in Kota Damansara
10. Two Pesos Taiwan Steamboat in Kota Damansara
13. Kd two pesos steamboat ss 2


Also well known to have serving their mini pots in respective pot functionality, Two Pesos is probably the only place to see different serving pots on each tables. We’ve seen the Tahini pots in their first outlet, this time we look at their Italian Tomato Pot (RM 16) and Lemon Seafood (RM 16) otherwise also known as the Hello Kitty pot. Expect this one to clog the social media of Hello Kitty fans. Alas, as impressive as the pots are, the taste weren’t as intense and any of the earlier pots. A milder approach to savour the flavour of the ingredients, both carries a light umami with slightly tangy finishing.


14.Two pesos mini hotpot steamboat kota damansara
15.Two pesos mini hotpot steamboat kota damansara


But the ultimate enjoyment this time around at this second outlet is Two Pesos BBQ Pot (RM 19.50)- a two in one set with both the hot pot and a BBQ grill for twice the fun and twice the satisfaction. The set is good for one but sharing is always a little more delicious and heartwarming.


16. two pesos kota damansara


The meat in this set features more meat than regular sets and this makes a difference to meat lovers.


17.two pesos kota damansara


This newer outlet is more spacious and equally good when it comes to the quality of their soups and every other ingredient that goes into the pots or on the grill pan. Most importantly, there is a higher chance to skip the long queue before news travel.


Two Pesos Malaysia @ Kota Damansara  (second outlet) Full review at


Two Pesos Malaysia is also in Kota Damansara now (second outlet) at:
32-1, Jalan PJU 5/9, Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-6143 6299
GPS: 3.1507174,101.5913469
Opening Hour: Mon-Sun (12pm- 3pm , 6pm-11pm)


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