This pork cafe, Flingstone at SS15 has made a name for itself since the opening in a few months back. They offer a brew of good coffee to join the blooming trend of coffee culture, alongside the highlight to steel both your heart and the stomach- those pork dishes.


1.Flingstones Café SS 15
2.Flingstones Café SS 15 Subang


Prominent with their clever renditions of fusions and incorporations of pork into almost most of their mains, they seemed to have taken their eye off the ball when it comes to non porky dishes. The ribs here were so much more than just fine, in fact was fantastic but the starter Shrek’s Soup (RM10) here barely tasted anything like green pea. The green aroma is almost nonexistent, instead was overpowered by nothing but briny liquid. Every sip tasted like salt water. It was stated in the menu, with crispy bacon chips and toast but the first were not obvious and the later could use a little more effort.


3.Flingstones Café SS 15
4.Flingstones Café SS 15


But here’s what to do at this highfalutin pork cafe: go directly to the pork ribs. Oink Oink Ribs (RM 28) gives you half rack portion and those tender and flavourful sticks slathered in a sweet, sticky marinade with every rib fully coated decadently thanks to a swift slit on the meat in between each ribs. The bones pull right out but polishing the meats off the bones was pretty amazing experience.


5.Flingstones Café SS 15
6.Flingstones Café SS 15


If you’re not at imminence of heart problem, Chu Yao Char Angle Hair Pasta (RM 18) might be the pasta for you. The rich and flooding tossed of those deep fried crispy pork lards would either put you greasy comma for the next 2 days or built tons of motivations to bring out the athlete in you to hit pool and go for an extra 10 laps to ease that guilty indulgences. Unfortunately, the later did not apply to me.


7.Flingstones Café SS 15 Subang


I must confess and admit the delicious crispy pork lard but it was a little too overwhelming by the time I finished half of it. A little vege to balance the grease would be fantastic but the greens were used as accessories instead.


8.Flingstones Café SS 15 subang


And if you are totally the breakfast kinda person, be very happy and pleased with their breakfast menu; one of which is too huge for me to attempt. Skipping their rice for breakfast (yes, Malaysians serve rice for breakfast), we went straight for the Nutty Jantan (RM 15)- nutty sourdough toast with 2 half boiled eggs and served with mini salad or yogurt. The mixed aroma of nuts and crunchy texture on their sourdough toast was a good combo mix with that light drizzle of fine honey. And while it pleases my taste bud, I am not too sure if salad should come with this.


11.Flingstones cafe SS 15


The Big Bang Breakfast (RM 25) is another loveable dish. The sausage in particular gets the entire spotlight at this platter of hash brown, baked beans, toasts, mushroom, salad, pork bacon, pork sausage and scrambled or sunny side up eggs. Expect impeccable hot dog with delicate chunky casing and springy middle. The portion is slightly overwhelming for tiny appetite but there is always room for sharing.


12. Flingstones Cafe ss 15
14.Flingstones Cafe ss 15
15.Flingstones Cafe ss 15


Their coffees are at reasonable standard pricing and will be totally ok if you feel like skipping it. Latte (RM 10) is something I would order again, and their hand pour is another thing I look forward to trying the next. (Yup, I said “next”. There is certainly a next visit because there are so many other intriguing dishes on the menu.)


9. Flingstones Café SS 15


If not, there is something cooling- Mint and Lime Sparkling (RM 11) to quench the very hot weather in Malaysia. There is a bonus addition of sour plum in it for that extra hint of sweet and sour.


13. Flingstones cafe SS15


Parking during weekdays will be super challenging but anytime during dinner time or later is simpler and breezier. The one page menu is much easier than their parking availability and a lot more straightforward for diners to choose from.


10. Flingstones cafe menu


Flingstones Café is located at:
Jalan SS15/8, Subang Jaya, Selangor. (opposite taylors college)
Business Hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-11pm
Tel: 03-5879 9468
GPS: 3.0755308,101.5905829


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