Eat-zy porridge at SS 14 Subang is always the favourite and convenient place around Subang Jaya whenever there is crave or need to have plain congee for the comforting meal. Serving a dazzling array of varieties of soothing and familiar home cooked dishes, this makes the otherwise plain and dull porridge a lot more interesting and exciting. Take note the porridge here is cooked with sweet potatoes. porridge (1)
2. eat-zy porridge


Also serving Yam Rice for those who prefer rice over porridges, the colour and looks of this speaks very loudly for it and is already appealing to attract your attention. The aromatic fragrance of yam enlightens the appetite and simple pick of few dishes is good as a wholesome meal. Those sweet potatoes were all castella and mushy soft, so comforting and best to have in cold weather. porridge


The dishes are amazingly delicious and perfect to go with plain porridge. Most of the dishes are slightly skewed to salty probably so that it would complement the plain and lightly sweetened porridge of theirs. The tiny saucer is used to serve their dishes when customers select their choices of dish from the galore of what’s serving on that day. Smaller saucers are use to serve dishes for one where else a bigger sharing portion naturally calls for a bigger plate. porridge (6)


The varieties easily got one scratching their head and often lead to over ordering these side dishes. Though we’ve had dishes that were a touch oily and salty, I have seen moments of brilliance too: from the perfection of Hot and Sour Braised Trotters with Pineapple, with the tender and juicy meat and infusion of tangy sweet pineapple; to moreish salted braised peanuts and everybody’s favorite- luncheon meat.


hot and sour braised pig trotler with pineapple ss14eat-zy  teochew porridge and rice
5. eat-zy porridge (7) porridge (2)


Some of the authentic favorites similar to home cooked dishes easily put this place as top choices amongst younger working crowd; the ones who haven’t got time to cook for themselves. Pumpkin braised with minced pork is lovely but to enjoy some chucky texture, Tempeh and anchovies with spicy coat is amazing. porridge (5) porridge (4)


The selections are good but at the same time might not be perfect, with some slightly brinier than the rest, but other dishes that rotates on daily basis were worth returning for, especially given the keen pricing. porridge (3)


Complimentary soup of the day is only served upon request and while the place and surrounding look a little tired, it’s still worth a visit when craving for congee and side dishes. These cost RM 23.90 for two pax. 14 teo chew porridge (2)


Eat-Zy Teow Chew Porridge and Rice is located at :
50, Jalan SS 14/2,
Ss 14, 47500 Subang Jaya,
Tel:+60 16-686 6050
GPS: 3.0729231,101.586597


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