When visiting the previous Doraemon expo in Cheras Viva Mall, I managed to look around for restaurants and even though it was nothing close to shopping paradise in this mall, there are some decent eateries within the mall that’ll mainly attract family crowd as well as the neighborhood patrons.


Here at the Kung Fu Room, it really reminded me of KungFu Panda’s noodle stall especially when the menu mainly dominated with varieties of noodles. Looking forward to the quality of their noodle, I decided to try both the stronger and lighter soup flavour. Despite that, the Teochew seafood soup (RM 9.50) wasn’t really powerful when it comes to the seafood flavour. The mildly herbed soup on the other hand, was very lightly flavoured making the chicken really robust in contrast instead. This Chicken Drumstick Herbal Soup (RM 11.90) offers option of noodle choices (mine is thick but I’d recommend the thinner ones).


2.kungfu room (7)
3.kungfu room (6)
1.kungfu room (5)


Add ons were not very attractive but still good for communal eating and perfect as starters before the mains. The Seafood rolls with sauces (RM 6.90) really is nothing more than ordinary but deserved a little credit for not messing it up and plating it nicely with fresh sliced cucumber and tomato. The Signature dumpling soup (RM 6.90) serves with mildly flavoured soup, very unlikely any msg and nice dumplings with very flavourful fillings.


4.kungfu room (9)
5.kungfu room


With the notion of eating healthy, expect the soup tasting less overpowering and beverages range limiting to mainly juices.


6.kungfu room (4)

Apple and celery Mix (RM 7.50)


The menu was decent with a great concept, nothing too fancy but great for lunch or dinner in groups or solo.
7.kungfu room (1)


Kung Fu Room is located at :
Lot 1-05, Viva Home Mall,
85, Jalan Loke Yew, 55200 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.1231399,101.7194295


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