What was known to be the Nanking Court Vegetarian House is now known as the Million Dollar Restaurant and although operating with a different name, it is still vegetarian meals that they are selling. Also not changing at this corner shop lot is the challenging parking spots around it. Despite not a big fan of vegetarian dishes, I enjoyed everything we had.


Starting with the King of four season vegetable; a combination of any four types vegetable oh which in this case comprises of brinjal, long bean, okra, and petai. Fried with a little chili and obviously no garlic, it was done with textures just right so every bite was pleasantly delightful.


1.nanking court vegetarian (1)


The nice lady also recommended the mutton curry, apparently their best seller and that’s when I was bowled over with the texture of their mock lamb. It was surprisingly really close to mutton and the flavour, somewhere in between mutton curry or rendang. The gaminess of mutton is of course nonexistent.


2.nanking court vegetarian (2)


We also tried their Sweet and Sour, and once again proven to be impressive when it comes to the mimic of actual poultry.


3.nanking court vegetarian


Another impressive dish is the Fried Kailan with pork which was also recommended to us by the nice lady. Also in the dish is vegetarian pork belly which has a very close texture of the perfect pork, chewy and succulent.


4.nanking court vegetarian (3)


On our way in and out, some tables are having vegetarian steamboat. I am thinking twice about vegetarian steamboat, but those dinners seemed to be enjoying it very much. Maybe I would give it a try someday.


The Million Dollar Restaurant (previously known as Nanking Court Vegetarian Restaurant) is located at:
28 Jalan 19/3
Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7955 9863
GPS: 3.119115,101.629004


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