The Grind Burger Bar at Seksyen 19 is one of those many burger joints that popped during when gourmet burgers started getting its spotlight in town. The trend and burger hyped started and it was then blossoming and growing perpetually. With so much burger joints in town, it is getting tough to actually decide which one prevails as the champion and the best amongst them all. One thing for certain is that the burger joints each have their specialty and one can never have the best of everything under one roof. And with very limited parking bay around, this probably cuts them short compared to those with ample amount of parking bays.


1.grind burger bar (24)


Starting with the famous Onion Rings of theirs, I must agree that they have really decent and relatively good onion rings. Not greasy at all, and I love the texture right from inside out. Selling at RM 9, this would serve perfect as a sharing starter.


2.grind burger bar -fried onion rings rm9


Moving to the Grind House Burger which is available both in pork and beef patties; this pork patty with bacon, fried egg, caramelized onions, natural cheddar, crisp green of the day, onion slivers, fresh tomato and mayonnaise sells at RM 19 and served with some fries and salad. Bacon normally makes everything greater if you ask me. And with their soft buns, this lovely size was made even easier to eat.


3.grind burger bar -Grind House (1)
4.grind burger bar -Grind House (pork) RM 19


Next is the The JD Burger (RM 18) comes with all pork patty, secret Jack Daniel’s sauce, bacon, natural cheddar, crisp green of the day, onion slivers and fresh tomato. To be really honest, the pork patties were a little loose and bland. Certainly not the best pork patty I’ve had but they still strive fairly impressive.


5.grind burger bar -The JD Burger (pork) RM 18- All pork patty, secret Jack Daniel’s sauce, bacon, natural cheddar, crisp green of the day, onion sliverts and fresh tomato.


The fries and salad that comes with your burger were at good portion beautifully served although I’d really prefer more greens.


6.grind burger bar-Wild Shroom RM 17 (3)
Pork Burger is their basic, with patty, crisp green of the day, onion slivers, fresh tomatoes and mayonnaise; something that is good for fundamental savouring.
13.grind burger bar seksyen 19


Mushroom lovers, here is the best combination one can put in a burger. The Wild Shroom (RM 17) comes with either pork or beef patty, sautéed wild mushrooms, natural swiss cheese, crisp green of the day, onion sliverts, fresh tomatoes and mayonnaise.


7.grind burger bar-Wild Shroom RM 17 (2)


The cheese and sauces in their burgers adds on much moist to the burgers while their pork patties also vouched to taste succulent and juicy. The cheese is definitely a plus point in their burgers. A little softer and the patties would somewhat resemble meatloaf.


8.grind burger bar-Wild Shroom RM 17 (1)
Other options include their notorious Big Black Dog (RM 17) has got pork bratwurst served on pitch black charcoal bun topped with chilli pork, natural cheddar, mozzarella and fresh onions, served with herbed fries and a bed of greens. Laden cheeses atop is absolutely the clever move, it adds on so much sparks to the otherwise ordinary combination.
11. grind burger bar seksyen 19
12. grind burger bar seksyen 19


The grind burger bar serves alcohols and wine on top of soft drinks and tea or coffee. Plain water would cost you a ringgit, but my choice is always the hot tea. With very few but commonly popular choices of teas, I had my usual Green Tea at RM 4.50.


9.grind burger bar-green tea RM 4.50


Dessert are ample just to satisfy the sweet palate if not deserving any bragging rights, with Chocolate Brownies with Vanilla Ice cream (RM 12.50) served with slightly over heated brownie to magnify their actual forte- burgers.


10.grind burger bar-Chocolate Brownies with Vanilla Ice cream RM 12.50


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The Grind Burger Bar is located at :
7, Jalan 17/45 ,
46400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7932 3883
GPS: 3.1187924,101.629705
Business Hour : Daily 12:00 – 3:00 PM, 5:00 – 10:00 PM (Closed: Monday)


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