As we head into the year’s most celebrated festive season, we crave to dine together with our family and friends. ParkRoyal Kuala Lumpur is offering ‘A Magical Christmas’ and at the recent tree lighting ceremony, we celebrate in joyful festive mood with a lineup of buffet spread featuring the six types of carvery and roasts. With such highlight on the buffet list this year, making a choice can be though but one thing we can all agree on: it’s a good time for feasting.


2.ParkRoyal KL Christmas 2015


On Christmas Eve, Chatz Brasserie showcase their Roast Buffet Dinner and on Christmas day, a premium Buffet Lunch and Seafood and Carvery Buffet Dinner. The buffets offer Roasted Australian Sirloin, Beef Wellington, Roasted Turkey, Gouper Coulibiac, New Zealand Rack of Lamb and Prime Rib.


3.ParkRoyal KL Christmas 2015//
4.ParkRoyal KL Christmas 2015
5.ParkRoyal KL Christmas 2015
7.ParkRoyal KL Christmas 2015


They are all paired with delicious gravy and condiments, and sides that paired really well with the mains. From comforting Salted Brussels Sprout and Carrot to the simple classic sides like Roasted Vege and Mashed Potatoes, there pair is good to satiate. Otherwise, there is the salad bar with a good assortment of sides of your choice to go with your selection of main.


6.ParkRoyal KL Christmas 2015
8.ParkRoyal KL Christmas 2015
9.ParkRoyal KL Christmas 2015
Parkroyal  Hotel Christmas menu (2015) Review at

Assorted salad and fresh greens


The roast stations definitely got me but the usual buffet lineup were not any least impressive, seafood did a good job staying fresh, and over at the grill station is the busy chef ever ready to fire up choices of your meat selections.


11.ParkRoyal KL Christmas 2015
12.ParkRoyal KL Christmas 2015


There are much more to offer and this year, ParkRoyal’s spread of dishes were more than just indulgence; it is a celebration of the very magical Christmas.


13.ParkRoyal KL Christmas 2015

Beef Kong Boh, Mutton Peratel, and Kam Heong Squid

14.ParkRoyal KL Christmas 2015

Beef Fillet on Mushroom Ragout

15.ParkRoyal KL Christmas 2015

Fish Fillet with Creamy Leek Sauce

16.ParkRoyal KL Christmas 2015

Chicken Escalope with Corn Stew


Also treat yourself with ParkRoyal’s Christmas highlight-assorted Christmas pies including Steak and Kidney, Chicken Mushrooms, Salmon and Spinach, Cranberry Mousse, Christmas Pecan and Lemon Meringue Pie. And be prepared to enjoy all this on New Year’s Eve with Poolside BBC under the Stars, followed by a countdown at Klix Lounge.


And lastly, the desserts spoil their diners with extensive choices right from the classic favourites for the festive, to some of those very tantalising sweet treats every kid would swarm around it. The chocolate fountain seemed to be real popular amongst children but I am always up for their Cheese Cake.


17.ParkRoyal KL Christmas 2015


Like the past years, PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur spreads the Christmas spirit to the children at Stepping Stones Living Centre as it continues their corporate social responsibility towards the less fortunate. Head to the lobby or Si Chuan Dou Hua and pick an envelope to make your contribution for the wishes of the children of this home to come true.


Parkroyal  Hotel Christmas menu (2015) Review at
Parkroyal  Hotel Christmas menu (2015) Review at


PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur is located at :
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur


There are so much more that’s happening this festive, for reservations or enquiries on any of our festive promotions, call 0321470088.


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