Located along the main road and occupying more than 5000 square feets, the Nagas restaurant is exactly opposite the La Salle School near the Brickfields police station. Parking availability is very challenging at anytime of the day. Serving South Indian Chettinad food, North Indian food, and few other Malaysian delights, things like our usual favourite are available at all time. Nasi lemak, mee goreng and assorted nasi goreng are all served within few minutes and the restaurant operates 24 hours. No service tax here because you help yourself with the ordering and paying. That probably is one of the drawbacks, but it didn’t stop diners to frequent the restaurant. Food serving is very fresh thanks to the speedy flow of serving and rapid turnover of customers.


7.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields
8.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields


Diners select their choices of dishes and vegetables (RM 1.50) and poultry or seafood dishes (RM 3-5) to go with rice and this is great for communal eating.


9.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields
10.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields
11.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields


Otherwise, solo diners can enjoy their Briyani Rice (RM 11).


12.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields
13.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields


The tosai is really not bad, but the best is the gravies- the chutney is awesome, and their dahl and curry is very tuned to the local palate making this a superb place to dine. There are assorted traditional Indian kuih (RM 0.50- RM 2) alongside many varieties of local favourites with the crowd pleaser- the delivious curry puff.


4.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields
5.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields
6.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields
1.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields
2.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields
3.Nagas Restaurant @ Brickfields


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Nagas is located at:
No.3339, Jalan Tun Sambanthan,
50470 Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2273 7475
Fax: 03-2273 7476
Opening Hours : 24 hours daily (except Sunday, 5:30am – 12am)
GPS: 3.1275357,101.682926


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