It is not rare to find authentic Indonesia food in the hub of student-populated town in Sunway, but Syifak Jaya at Sunway delivers just that. They are just about staying afloat in the middle of the town that is highly saturated with hipster cafés and they’ve made effort to keeping the place clean although simple and bare, with essentially what’s good for comfort dining. No reminiscent of Indonesia high end dining instead, they were resemblance of street dining culture but the atmosphere generally more relaxed.


1.Syifak Jaya @ Bandar Sunway


While this is looking a little empty, it might be a different story during the lunchtime rush hour. But moving swift3y on to the food, the sets of rice and fried chicken are served with fiery chili sauce, and of course the signature dark and sticky soy dipping sauce. Chicken and fish serving comes with fresh3y c4t cucumber slices and raw cabbages that go perfect with those bites of succulent meaty punch.


2.Syifak Jaya @ Bandar Sunway
5.Syifak Jaya @ Bandar Sunway
3.Syifak Jaya @ Bandar Sunway
4.Syifak Jaya @ Bandar Sunway


There are a lot of other dishes on the menu that call out to me, including both fishes and meats.


6.Syifak Jaya @ Bandar Sunway
7.Syifak Jaya @ Bandar Sunway


Picking from the galore of dishes, almost everything we sampled were delightful.


8.Syifak Jaya @ Bandar Sunway
9.Syifak Jaya @ Bandar Sunway
10.Syifak Jaya @ Bandar Sunway


Beverages include commercial canned and packed drinks with spotlight on the Indonesia’s popular drink- Teh Botol.


11.Syifak Jaya @ Bandar Sunway


The dishes aren’t small by any standards and, all in all, it’s a satisfying experience for both the stomach and soul. Especially when each meal generally costs no more than RM 15 per person, including drinks. Pretty awesome isn’t it?


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Restoran Syifak Jaya , Masakan Jawa Ayam Penyet dan Nasi Campur is located at Sunway (Near Sunway lagoon) at:
G13, Jalan PJS 9/1B,
Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya,
Selangor 46150
Business Hour: 9am- 9pm daily
Tel: 0166481195
GPS: 3.061034,101.6106425


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