Nutritional value of bitter gourd is no longer debatable but because it is so bitter, it is usually not a very popular ingredient. Restaurant Fu Gua Thong in Puchong cleverly masters the characteristic of this vegetable and have them cooked and prepared in assorted ways. While most dishes on the menu comprise bitter gourd, the spot light is still on their Bitter gourd soup (RM 9). It was refreshingly sweet with plenty of thinly sliced bitter gourds and a good amount of lean pork slices in it with optional addition (with extra charge of RM 1) of pig’s liver, heart, kidney, or intestine.


1.fu gua thong @ Puchong


The menu extensively showcases a good range of not only soups, but vegetables, poultry, fish, egg, and bean curd thus, making this a remarkable place for communal eating. Pork Belly with Yam (RM 12) serves just the right sharing portion for two. Two slices of pork belly and yam respectively, both braised beautifully thorough so the chopsticks went through it effortlessly. Also, not too fat in between the layers.


2. fu gua thong @ puchong
3. fu gua thong @ puchong


Vegetable range showcases a selection of bean sprout, sweet potato leave, lettuce etc. All of which is very homely and is a great reminisce of homely dishes. Our pick is the Brussel sprouts (RM 8) and Fried Kangkung and note to all, they serve very simple stir fried vege with garlic. Don’t expect anything too fancy like belacan fried. The vegetables sell at RM 8, RM 11, and RM 13 accordingly to the portion.


4. fu gua thong @ puchong
5. fu gua thong @ puchong


Menu is wide, can be a little intimidating for those who has trouble deciding; but the ones suggested as signature usually won’t go wrong. Here another one of their signature dish- Stir fried pork with salted fish.


6. fu kua thong puchong


The shop is comfortably cozy even though not too spacious but ventilation is good to vouch for enjoyable dining experience. Menu is in English too, so kudos to that.


7. fu gua thong puchong


Click HERE for their Menu and HERE for more photos on flikr.


Restaurant Fu Gua Thong is located at:
32 Jalan Puteri 2/4, Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Selangor
Phone: 012-286 8669
Opening hours 11 am- 3pm and 5.30pm- 10pm daily
(Close on every second and fourth Mondays)
GPS: 3.021652,101.616463


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  1. Luna

    Been eating here for the longest time, but stopped going coz felt that the quality has gone down a little. Used to love their deep fried Hakka pork. Good review though! 🙂

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