With the good food around us here in the Klang Valley, anytime is the perfect time to overhaul our diet. And the #The21daymission Programme created by Mission Food Malaysia, is a great one to start with.


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Research shows that it takes 21 days to create a new habit or change an old one for a lifetime. Inspired by this insight, Mission Foods Malaysia, the world’s largest flatbread producer and makers of the well-known and loved Mission Wraps, has teamed up with Fitness Guru, Dave Nuku and Celebrity Nutritionist, Alexandra Prabaharan to create an exciting yet simple to follow 21-Day programme called #The21DayMission.


1.#The21daymission Programme by Mission Food Malaysia
2.#The21daymission Programme by Mission Food Malaysia


This initiative from Mission Foods comes at a perfect time as it coincides with World Health Month in April where there’s worldwide interest in leading better, healthier lifestyles. At this recent official launch of #the21daymission programme, both Dave and Alexandra did a fantastic job delivering the right and important message to all invited medias and guests present on the day.


3.#The21daymission Programme by Mission Food Malaysia


In a beautiful venue at the Seputeh Glass House, Dave (a certified personal trainer and international presenter on health and fitness issues that believes in transforming lives through achieving a healthier body, mind and spirit) demonstrated some fitness moves. The graceful moves were motivating indeed. That is followed by another demo of a quick and easy power food using healthy and nutritional ingredients like tuna, avocado, eggs, and some fresh herbs by nutritionist Alexandra (a certified nutritionist with the American Fitness Professionals and Associates).


4.#The21daymission Programme by Mission Food Malaysia
5.#The21daymission Programme by Mission Food Malaysia
6.#The21daymission Programme by Mission Food Malaysia


A delicious wrap done in less than 5 minutes with Mission Wraps and this easy meal is too prefect to grab and go for any meal of the day.


7.#The21daymission Programme by Mission Food Malaysia
9.#The21daymission Programme by Mission Food Malaysia


The fact is that Malaysia is now known to be Asia’s most overweight country with 17.7% of the population considered obese according to a national health and morbidity survey conducted in 2015. This campaign aims to introduce and educate the general public into leading a healthy, active lifestyle. And that is really quite simple as long as you have the correct meal plan and guidance. Right now is the best opportunity to participate in #the21daymission for 12 lucky winners would stand a chance to win RM 5000 worth of a personal training sessions with Dave Nuku and meals created by Alexandra Prabaharan delivered exclusively to you over a period of 21 days by Huios Meal Prep.


Contest runs from April 17 to 30; head to Mission Foods Malaysia Facebook and Instagram page, as well as Men’s Health Magazines. The 21 day mission features daily fitness and recipe videos sent to subscribers, so subscribe to their social media for videos and links to prep you on this healthy challenge which is set to go on live on 9th May 2016.


Mission Food Malaysia #the21daymission


Good luck and cheers to healthier lifestyle.


For details, head to their home page/ social media accounts for more informations:


Mission Foods Malaysia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/missionfoodsmalaysia/
Mission Foods Malaysia Intagram: https://www.instagram.com/missionfoods.my/
Men’s Health Magazines Homepage: http://www.mens-health.com.my/
Men’s Health Magazines Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/menshealthmalaysia/
Huios Prep Meal : http://www.huios.com.my/


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