Popcorn pairing with the latest blockbuster is now a norm- something inexpensive and enjoyable for all movie-goers. Perfecto snacks’ perfecto popcorn and Fox movie bought us to the premier of the long awaited movie last month – the Batman Vs Superman at TGV’s LUCE. And while popcorn was hugely trendy since then 19th century especially during fairs and carnivals thanks to the mobile popcorn maker, the popcorn snack has then become the aromatic snack food so easily consumable and fun as a treat till now; it brings so much joy and laughter to people of all ages.


1. perfecto snack perfecto popcorn
2. perfecto snack perfecto popcorn


Popcorn and movie started from way back when corn kernels were inexpensive with mobile vendors selling this delicious snack right outside theaters. Ever since then, the two becomes inseparable.


3. perfecto snacks movie indulgence
5. perfecto popcorn fo movie


Can I confess that the movie wasn’t so much of thrill and that I’ll have to admit a little disappointment with the movie? I probably had too high of the expectations. Nonetheless, I had a fantastic time and I enjoyed the movie very much. Also, I was really happy with the convenient sealed popcorn packets I brought home with me after the movies.


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And because the niece is growing up always watching me doing my food styling photography, she wanted “special popcorn” for her little tea party she’s hosting. So I made bacon popcorn lollipop with Perfecto Popcorn.


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To start; cook bacon till crispy, mied with perfecto’s popcorn snack, stick them into a ball with melted sugar onto ice cream stick and refrigerate for a couple of hours before dipping into chocolate.


5. perfecto  popcorn lollipop recipe
6.perfecto  popcorn lollipop recipe
7.perfecto  popcorn lollipop recipe
8.perfecto  popcorn lollipop recipe


This makes a great popcorn lollipop, especially if you are hosting parties for the little ones.


9. popcorn lollipop


Perfecto snack by Mamee Double-Decker’s snack is already in the market and these devils comes in 3 amazing flavours – Chocolate In Love, Ultimate Caramel and The French Vanilla, with every popcorn fully coated to perfection. Every bite to kick start the movie and the packs are priced at RM 4.50 (85g) and RM 7.50 (160g).


4.perfecto popcorn

Photo credit: www.mamee.com


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