Revamping their menu with addition of new dishes, Hana Japanese Dining and Sake Bar at Sunway Pyramid really emphasize on quality ingredients at reasonably affordable pricing. Of course when walking into Japanese restaurants, food quality, ambiance, service, and pricing is what we observe and on good days, we would sometimes get them all. On other days, we’d compromise a little. But here at Hana Japanese, despite being challenged by a coveted and rather posh looking facade that could be somewhat intimidating when approaching, they promise to create dining experiences and masterpieces.


Highlighting on new dishes on the menu this time around, the Happy Hour Bar Bites promotion offers a buy one free one deal for diners to lounge and have a relaxing time. Hailed from Taipei since 1997 and being the first oversea branch here in Malaysia since 2015, Hana’s Tapas Combo, is set to capture Japanese cuisine aficionados with affordable starting price of RM 35 (for 2 pax) and RM 50 (3pax) for their Classic Tapas Combo; and RM 70 (for 2 pax) and RM 100 (for 3 pax) for their Luxury Tapas Combo. Both combos allowed selections of up to 3 assortment from the Classic and Luxury Tapas ala carte menu respectively.


1.Hana Dining and Sake Bar @Sunway Pyramid


For the Classic Tapas Combo, the selection platter here is the Kaisen Shiso Kushi, Gindara Miso Yaki, and the Soft Shell Crab. The beautiful serving supposedly savour with one bite were all generous enjoyment with my absolute vote for the roasted cod fillet elegantly sitting on the fresh leaf of lettuce.


2.Hana Dining and Sake Bar @Sunway Pyramid
3.Hana Dining and Sake Bar @Sunway Pyramid


The more charming and exquisite Luxury Tapas Combo selects the Tenshi Ebi, a super lovely and robust combination of japnese raddish and Foie Gras- Daikon Foie Gras, and the Hotate Uni Toryufu- a plump scallop topped with sea urchin and truffle paste to sit on a crispy sheet of paper seaweed.


4.Hana Dining and Sake Bar @Sunway Pyramid
5.Hana Dining and Sake Bar @Sunway Pyramid


New entry also includes the Tori Yasai Mushiyaki (RM 15), a steam grilled chicken with vegetable tatar dressing, beautifully plated with a fresh ohba leaf.


6.Hana Dining and Sake Bar @Sunway Pyramid


Or if you are the sashimi kinda person, then Kani Sashimi Sald (RM 28) comes in serving presentation that’ll startle the diners. A vessel filled with a melange of diced sashimi and Kaori Bako. This crab meat salad is super lovely addition at communal dining thanks to the enormous serving portion.


7.Hana Dining and Sake Bar @Sunway Pyramid
8.Hana Dining and Sake Bar @Sunway Pyramid


Huge portion might be perfect for group dining but there is always something comforting and delicious for the solo diners as well. Hokkaido Cawanmushi (RM 15) isn’t just that lovely and children friendly dish, it is also perfect with plenty of ikura (salmon roe) if you are a fan.


9.Hana Dining and Sake Bar @Sunway Pyramid
10.Hana Dining and Sake Bar @Sunway Pyramid


With plenty of maki rolls on the menu, a Japanese cuisine afficionado would appreciate the Aburi Anago Maki (RM 60)- with plump and fresh slices of sea conger eel on each cut of the maki roll. Also in the roll is the velvet tetured avocado, and mince crab with cuts of salmon belly.


11.Hana Dining and Sake Bar @Sunway Pyramid


And that special creation of Chef Thomas and his Tempura Mango Cheese Maki (RM 40) for those who loves tangy and sweet savoury maki. Rolled with tempura prawn and shrimp roe, the savoury is spike with sweet aroma of mango and the slight tanginess before all these slowly masked by the creaminess of cheese slice.


12.Hana Dining and Sake Bar @Sunway Pyramid


Best to pair with booze, Kushiyaki Moriawase showcases assorted 6 kinds of skewers for RM 35 (Tsukune, Negima, Sasami Ume-shiso, Gyutan, Shitake, Okra) and here we tried the Negima – Grilled chicken and leek skewer, Shitake and Okra.


13.Hana Dining and Sake Bar @Sunway Pyramid
14.Hana Dining and Sake Bar @Sunway Pyramid


Dessert isn’t something too glamorous unless if you must have a sweet finishing, otherwise I’d say we move on to cafe bene. They have some of their homemade white sesame ice cream as well as the popular match flavour but they weren’t artisanal quality. Alas, was selling at a good price of RM 7 per scoop.


15.Hana Dining and Sake Bar @Sunway Pyramid


Chef Thomas leads the team and crafts dishes pairing with freshest ingredients to create this revamped menu for their customers. With almost 180 dishes even after revamping, the freshest ingredients creates both traditional as well as classic inspired Japanese dishes with modern twists, and a bar that offers authentic Japanese alcohol to pair with your food. Good place for good Japanese food with a drink or two.


Hana Dining and Sake Bar is located at :
OB2.G.U1, Oasis Boulevard,
Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway
Opens daily 10am- 10pm
Tel: 03-5624 0888
GPS: 3.0726508,101.607416


Click HERE for their Menu and HERE for more photos on flikr.


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