Restaurant Kah Lok in Puchong joins the neighbourhood as staple provider, offering both classic and some innovative dishes to impress diners; especially when the lineup is offering such an incredible amount of choices.


1.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong
2.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong


There is no way we could have sampled everything so we started with a few at random pick. For something a bit more familiar, those stir fried vegetables were in beautiful colour, looking neat and not overcooked at all. The dishes aren’t anything special, but the comfort of these staple has a magical effect when one is craving wholesome meal.


3.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong
4.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong
5.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong
6.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong
7.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong
8.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong


Having to compete with a couple of restaurants nearby, complimentary drinks and soup is a standard offering in chap fan places within the area. Walk into any of these restaurants and you’d find that they all have complimentary drinks and soup. On a lucky day, you’ll get the “right” soup of the day- one that you are familiar with and very homey.


9.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong
10.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong


Should anyone feels chap fan in Puchong area; their rotating assortment has earned them some bragging rights there.


11.Restaurant Kah Lok @ Puchong


Restaurant Kah Lok is located at :
No 20, Jalan Helang 15,
Bdr Puchong Jaya, 47100 Selangor
Tel: 0123059950


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