Korean food in Solaris Mont Kiara has come a long way with plenty of creative trend, but BBQ stays authentically the staple favourite still among both the locals as well as the Korean expatriates. Meanwhile as the fried chicken and cheesy gimmick taking over the world (well Solaris Mont Kiara at least), this one remains mundane and authentic. Koreans come to Apgujeong for the barbeque and they stay for the assorted refillable banchan.


1.Apgujeong Korean Restaurnat @ Solaris Mont Kiara


This place is absolutely the one for those with either a gargantuan hunger or an immense appetite. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to visit this place solo as well; after all minimum order comes in huge portion. For the ultimate authentic and classic Korean barbeque, choose from marinated chicken, to pork belly or pork shoulder. I say go for the cheek, and enjoy the seemingly endless supply of banchan.


2.Apgujeong Korean Restaurnat @ Solaris Mont Kiara
3.Apgujeong Korean Restaurnat @ Solaris Mont Kiara
4.Apgujeong Korean Restaurnat @ Solaris Mont Kiara


Do it yourself at the BBQ pit or their helpful staff would be more than glad to assist. We like or belly in huge cuts.


5.Apgujeong Korean Restaurnat @ Solaris Mont Kiara
6.Apgujeong Korean Restaurnat @ Solaris Mont Kiara


Banchan (side dishes) is not the only thing that is complimentary here, the BBQ sets comes with a simple silky smooth steamed egg, as well as a hearty bowl of warming soup with tofu and vegetables in it. Side dishes like aged kimchi, pickled radish, lightly seasoned vegetables cut or julienne for different texture, soft steamed cubes of root vegetables, or anything that is classic is on rotation here.


7.Apgujeong Korean Restaurnat @ Solaris Mont Kiara
8.Apgujeong Korean Restaurnat @ Solaris Mont Kiara
9.Apgujeong Korean Restaurnat @ Solaris Mont Kiara
10.Apgujeong Korean Restaurnat @ Solaris Mont Kiara
11.Apgujeong Korean Restaurnat @ Solaris Mont Kiara
12.Apgujeong Korean Restaurnat @ Solaris Mont Kiara


Dolsot Bibimbap come packed to the breaking point with white rice topped with sticky baby octopus pieces in spicy bean paste and a hefty crunch and texture from the many vegetables that fills up the hot pot. Give it a stir instantly or keep it a little longer for crusty rice at the bottom of the hot pot, whichever way is a preferred savoring method would still promise the ultimate authenticity in this one.


13.Apgujeong Korean Restaurnat @ Solaris Mont Kiara


With the fancy Korean offerings around this area, and the food here being nowhere close to contemporarily or fancy, Apgujeong remained elaborate as classic Korean favourite. Don’t be surprised to see more Korean native diners there because this one offers a flavour close to home.


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Apgujeong is located at Soho KL at:
J-01-15-16, Sohokl , 2 Jalan Solaris ,
Solaris Mont Kiara , 50480 Mont Kiara ,
Kuala Lumpur, 50480
Phone: +60 3-6211 4061
GPS: 3.1753369,101.6601473
Business Hour: 5pm- 10:30pm daily
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apgujeongbbq/


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