Remaining its novelty and committed to the best in quality when it comes to their cakes, Just heavenly delivers the promise of their dictum: “Designing Dreams, Serving Pleasure”. They should really take pride on the good ingredients and meticulous details when it comes to precise flavours. And true to form, their flawlessly formed cake ticks all the right boxes when they recently served it when hosting the Never Ending Story featuring the Pen Gallery, and the5tory.




Both Allan and Nigel Skelchy started Just Heavenly in 2001, and it has been a journey driven by passion there is nothing other than perfection. With a story to tell, cake crafting isn’t the only way to celebrate moments in life. Allan is now bringing the tool to tell the story of your own and the brand -The Story…


2.Never Ending Story @ Just Heavenly Bangsar


Make notes, sketch, write or even draw on journal in leather wrapped collections of notebook made with 140gm paper, hand cut and sewn from beautiful leather to facilitate your own collection of stories. That’s made easy with the Pen they specializes in the sale of branded quality writing instruments.


3.Never Ending Story @ Just Heavenly Bangsar


From the intricate sugar flowers to the velvety tiers of fondant, a bespoke cake is a work of art. Watch this quick story from the event day and spot those beautifully sculptured cakes.




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