During the Ramadhan month and buffets aside, we know that visiting the Bazaar is the other way to celebrate buka puasa during this holy month. If there is anything I enjoyed more than the spoilt choices of buffets, the Ramadhan Bazaar if the next in mind to break fast. Ramadhan bazaars are filled with endless choices of food of various kinds and the spiritual boost with many valuable moments to be experienced and there is no place better to experience harmonious and joy of understanding the culture. Personally, it is the yearly mandatory activity I carry out with my family here in KL. This year, we berbuka puasa with choices from the renowned TTDI Ramadhan bazaar and I took the opportunity to gather some footages for a quick tour of what to expect at the bazaar.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=%20afWPRrQpGAk?rel=0&w=853&h=480]


Food is a good way in bringing people together disregard of race, ethnic, cultural and religion. It is amazing how we learnt so much about one another through food and even greater when you realized how food is actually one of the best way to study a culture and probably the origin and history of an ethnic.


This is the time of the month when the Holy Quran was revealed to the Prophet Mohammed and as a result, Muslims recite the holy text ardently. The fast is not simply about no food and water intake. It is also about self refrain from malicious behavior and the taxing challenge to demonstrate focused mindset. So as we savour the meals during buka puasa, keep in mind the spiritual significance of the fast.


Happy Ramadhan.


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