The very first Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory has landed in Malaysia with their first outlet already operating in Pavilion Elite KL. South Korea’s largest chain of the renowned “Chimaek” has arrived and serving nothing but freshly made to order chicken dishes, this one sure is one of the best chain Korean Fried Chicken place that I have sampled so far. With all their sauces and marination authentically from Seoul, this consistency leads to benefit Malaysians into being the opportunity to get a taste of the brand’s signature flavours and unique offerings in their funky and casual dining ambiance.


1.Chir Chir Korean Fried Chicken @ Pavilion, KL
2.Chir Chir Korean Fried Chicken @ Pavilion, KL


Signature dishes were all crispy and crazy tender with juicy meat bursting with flavours marinated for hours in the house seasoning before that delicious coat of deep fried crispy batter. The fried topokki was a texture sensation when I had the signature Honey Butter Chicken: the tender chicken pieces generously glazed with their very own honey butter sauce and then finished with butter seasoning powder, while the almond flakes went really well with the dried cranberries.


3.Chir Chir Korean Fried Chicken @ Pavilion, KL


Speaking of topokki, Chir Chir have their own rendition of topokki in cheese! Chewy and soft texture combine with the aromatic melted cheese is probably a fantastic choice if one is a huge fan of cheese.


15.Chir Chir Korean Fried Chicken @ Pavilion, KL


And whether it is fingers or those special mini tongs brought especially from Korea that you are using, these succulent pieces of chicken is simple yet outstanding at the same time and most importantly, it’s surely the perfect place for communal dining. I’ll go with the fingers.


4.Chir Chir Korean Fried Chicken @ Pavilion, KL


Here in Chir Chir, these freshly prep and made to order chicken dishes ace not only with their fried dishes because their roasted chicken are equally tasty. There is a clever range of superb tender marination of different flavours, and they are all strangely accompanied with whole salt baked egg and baked potato with sour cream. Not forgetting the salsa to complete the dish but really, their chicken stole all the highlights anyway.


Chir Chir Korean Fried Chicken @ Pavilion, KL
5.Chir Chir Korean Fried Chicken @ Pavilion, KL
6.Chir Chir Korean Fried Chicken @ Pavilion, KL


And how about their Nest Snow ? I am a sucker when it comes to cream sauce, not to mention the blanket of parmesan, Cheddar and mozzarella cheese atop some spicy chicken tenders sitting on a bed of sweet potato puree, olives and pepper, and finished with a swirl of whipped cream. That’s right; say good bye to diet and hello to additional 20 laps of swim the next day. A 20 laps I will willingly perform for this one, although the whipped cream is totally unnecessary. I’ll be sure to tell them to skip he cream on mine the next time I dine in. Go with a half and half if you can’t decide if crunchy or glazing coat is your thing. I know I am grateful to be able to taste both at one go.


7.Chir Chir Korean Fried Chicken @ Pavilion, KL
8.Chir Chir Korean Fried Chicken @ Pavilion, KL
9.Chir Chir Korean Fried Chicken @ Pavilion, KL
10.Chir Chir Korean Fried Chicken @ Pavilion, KL


Portions are large, but an additional order of salad is a good idea – it’s sweet, fresh and light spike of tang from the cheese, making a nice contrast with the chicken. Not to mention the addition of pine nuts-a rare offering in chain operations. I secretly wished they have leaf salad but grapes will do for now. Served with tortilla and complete with honey drizzle and a dose of minced garlic, this Sweet and Fresh Honey Grape Salad is created with bold aspiration.


11.Chir Chir Korean Fried Chicken @ Pavilion, KL


An extensive beverage selection contains a range of cocktails and beers, so you definitely need not go elsewhere else for the perfect evening out because the pair of beverage with those chicken were heavenly. The Chir Cream beer is inspired by “latte kiss” in a hit Korean drama; oh but more exciting still, the current use of carlsberg in this will soon be replaced by Korean beer. There’s also some striking colours to zest up the dining experience with or without soju because their Tok Tok is too pretty and colourful to not put a smile across your face. Passion Yellow Tok! Tok! is our tropical passion fruit with the infusion fuzzed at the table side just before serving to double the fun factor at the meal and that sure is a good gimmick to draw some attention from the next table.


12.Chir Chir Korean Fried Chicken @ Pavilion, KL
13.Chir Chir Korean Fried Chicken @ Pavilion, KL
14.Chir Chir Korean Fried Chicken @ Pavilion, KL


The choices are plenty with the pieces of chickens in all their dishes being impressively juicy and succulent. That probably will be the biggest draw factor on top of those delicious flavour assortments.


Chir Chir is located at:
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168, Jalan Raja Chulan, Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: Daily 20am-10pm
Phone: 03 21104867
GPS: 3.1482925,101.7127689


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