It was very well expected that many other variations would naturally pop up after the big success of the McDonald’s regional menu in Singapore. Nasi Lemak Burger has know reached us and in conjunction with the upcoming national day and Malaysia day, local cafes and eateries are all coming up with their own renditions off the Nasi Lemak Burger.


When McDonald’s did it, they figure the bun would be the only carb in the meal. That really got the Nasi Lemak fans a little confused and a little pissed but then again there will always be the opposition speaking up their mind but that didn’t stop the fast food chain from succeeding on they’re limited edition Regional menu. I thought it was OK coming from the nutritional side. It’s got to be the bun or the rice and I’m fine with just either one of it. In order to still have the very vital ingredient in the dish, Agak Agak had theirs with rice in the Burger. This way, there is still some delicious chew from the rice on top of the plump chicken with a good slap of sambal chili with ikan bilis and peanuts. Instead of thick cucumber slices, thin ribbons of cucumbers replace the lettuce in your conventional burger. Plus the runny yolk from the sunny side up, it sure is a mess eating it so be prepared to dig into a satisfying meal with all your fingers.


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Expect a long waiting time (but pulp is just next door so go ahead and get your coffee fix) and this one is available till the 30th of September.


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