Food intake and energy expenditure are balanced by homeostatic system that maintains our body fat content and this system can be overridden by stressful stimuli, thus the choices of our eating habit at times (aka de-stress with food). I know, I know… binging is bad..


A huge portion of our dietary practices are determined by our own decisions, which in turn can also be influenced by limitless number of variables. The most influential variable which happened to also be the biggest obstacle for me is of course the job scope of a food blogger. It would require me to taste and review food from time to time at any and every place, hence I would really have to watch very closely on my food intake to avoid nutritional disease. Being careful with what we eat is probably one of the simplest ways to stay healthy and fit.


I practice starting-the-day-clean every morning and I avoid starting the day with any food tasting session. And if I have to be at any food tasting at the first meal of the day, I pick my food very carefully. I try my best to start my day from home and one of my favourite breakfasts is the smoothie bowl. I’ve been posting quick recipe posts on instagram for a while now, but I figure I should be sharing them on the blog as well.


Here is one with plenty of greens in it:


Ingredient for the smoothie bowl – 1 kiwi, 1 tsp spirulina, half cucumber, 1 apple, 3 tbs instant oats, a handful of spinach
For toppings– banana, pumpkin seed, dried black bean, sunflower seed, chia seed, buckwheat


smoothie bowl recipe


Always remember this for we are what we eat. Being a food blogger puts me in high risk of nutritional disease but with minimum conscious effort, I am able to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst enjoying the good food around us.


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