Opened not too long ago and based on an izakaya, Bocosan Izakaya at Bangsar South is ready to bring a fresh new take to Kuala Lumpur’s dining scene. From the uniform design to the restaurant settings, this contemporary minimalist style establishment is ready to create a great deal of fuss. Admirable attention to detail goes into creating friendly dining experience and artistic elements translated from fresh techniques in culinary and incorporated into authenticity of Japanese dishes. Hailing from Hiroshima and leading the team at Bocosan Izakaya, Chef Mitsugo Iwashiro can be occasionally seen over the bar with plenty of passion.


1.Bocosan Izakaya @ Bangsar South


Whether it is a wholesome flamboyant rice roll or a steaming bowl of rib-sticking ramen, Bocosan Izakaya got it covered. Speaking of the rib-sticking ramen: Bone in Short Rib Ramen (RM 75) ‘s ultra-rich signature soup, made with long hours or simmering and given extra complexity via that huge short rib that’s cooked so perfectly. Plus immaculate sushi rolls filled with likes of seafood and rolled with avocado before topping generously with roe, say hello to lobster of Bocosan Maki (RM 38) and hello to a perfect night to come and vow to return for the umami-packed ramen bowl.


2.Bocosan Izakaya @ Bangsar South
3.Bocosan Izakaya @ Bangsar South
4.Bocosan Izakaya @ Bangsar South
5.Bocosan Izakaya @ Bangsar South


Moving on with some rice dishes, this elegant establishment from the same brain of Botanica+co is offering staple authentic flavoured of Japanese cuisine and it needs no introduction among fans of Japanese food. Saba no Shioyaki (RM 42) and the Bocosan Wagyu Don (RM 85) puts together premium fresh ingredients made into a variant balance of flavours and textures to pair with rice. Cooked to perfect temperature and duration, fish was moist and juicy with slight crackling crisps from the think layered of skin grilled to perfect char. And beef taste fabulous but come straight after payday, because the meal maybe steep when it comes to the price but you’ll feel you’ve had value for money despite the high price. Let the soft wobbly onsen mixed thoroughly for the extra silky and custardy texture to the rice bowl and have the two served with sides that rotates on daily basis.


7.Bocosan Izakaya @ Bangsar South
6.Bocosan Izakaya @ Bangsar South


Bocosan Izakaya prides itself in accentuating delightful portions of the freshest and finest ingredients, yet remaining Japanese inspired. Sashimi isn’t the only thing Japanese but do try the picture-perfect sashimi, or the unabashedly fusion flavours of truffle and mirin in the Truffle Chawanmushi (RM 29).


13.Bocosan Izakaya @ Bangsar South
14.Bocosan Izakaya @ Bangsar South
10.Bocosan Izakaya @ Bangsar South
11.Bocosan Izakaya @ Bangsar South
12.Bocosan Izakaya @ Bangsar South


Not only did this high-end, glamourous izakaya treating its lucky diners to luxury ingredients, they are offering a flair of unexpectedly awesome balance of diet combination. The Bonsai Salad (RM 29) fills the jar up to the brim with delicious potato salad and potted with beautiful greens of different texture and colour. If you love your green, then you’ll be all over the moon with this one. Also treat yourself with Fruits Amitsu (RM 27) and Rain Drop Jelly (RM 27) if there is still space in the stomach (or some more money to spend).


9.Bocosan Izakaya @ Bangsar South
15.Bocosan Izakaya @ Bangsar South
16.Bocosan Izakaya @ Bangsar South
17.Bocosan Izakaya @ Bangsar South


Bocosan Izakaya is located next to Botanica + Co at:
Unit G-2A & Ground Floor,
Vertical Podium, Avenue 3, Bangsar South City
No. 8 Jalan Kerinchi,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 – 2242 2316
GPS: 3.110677,101.66644
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sat (11.30AM – 3.00PM) *Last Call at 2:30 PM*
Mon – Sat (5.30PM–10.00 PM) *Last Call at 9:30 PM*
Closed on Sunday & Public Holiday


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