As per suggested by the name of the place, it’s polo o’clock all day long. Cause everything (minus the drinks) has polo bun in it. And let’s just be honest about it, there is hardly any of such place within the Klang Valley sometimes I scratched my head real hard when I am craving Polo bun. And most of the time, the crave is to be fulfilled at restaurants of with Hong Kong specialities. It wasn’t ideally the best but it does the job.

In Hong Kong itself, when seeking polo bun fix, char chan teng’s are the place to head. There are few things more quintessentially Hong Kong than a warm polo bun with a thick slab of butter melting inside the soft bun with crunchy, sugary topping; but this to-go delicacy is everywhere and not to be missed. Here in all-day polo, it is the perfect accessory to milk tea, especially if you have it with oily filling, like those typical butter slice. Since there are so many options to go with this classic bun, I recommend spending a longer time over hot milk tea to go with it if you are thinking of having more than one.

We sampled their savoury selection- one filled with a whole chop of crispy chicken and the other with fried egg and luncheon meat. In essence, it is firm on the outside, nicely soft though it may not be moist enough to feed the liking of majority Malaysian palate, but crispy sugary sweet on the outside. Just so you know, the polo bun is in fact no where near the polo fruit, this baked pastry takes its name from its vague resemblance to a polo. And polo fruit is actually the pineapple fruit. Polo is how pineapples are called in Hong Kong Cantonese.


The polo bun with crispy chicken chop (RM12.90) has a good balance in texture and flavour, that the polo bun with luncheon meat and egg (RM 7.90) lack. And while we are at it, can I highly recommend their milk tea? It is a great satisfaction on the palate and is one of the few good ones. If you all follow me on my Instagram, you’ll know I’d pay for air ticket to have my milk tea. So, take my word for it, this one I approve. Hahaha. Oh and if you are having it cold, remember to bring your own straw.


There’s been a mix of review, as expected some would find it a little dry mostly because we are used to really soft buns with more moist but one thing for sure, 全日菠萝包专卖店 All Day Polo Bun is here to save the day whenever craving polo bun and Hong Kong milk tea.




All day polo is located at:
9A, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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