First and foremost, I should just say that this is based on my very own opinion and that there isn’t a governing body or a site that could actually testify to any part of what I am posting or about to post on any of my platforms. We obviously do not want to repeat the “wilted salad”-lawyer representing the owner’s phone call again, cause nobody has so much 30minutes to spare on the phone in life. Hence forth, disclaimer first, so there can be no suggestions of defamation anywhere. This is based entirely on my own palate so there could potentially be people who loves and are willing to pay for this cendol.


Cendol has always been a sweet delight that is very close to our heart as a Malaysian despite being commonly found in most Southeast Asia countries. Even more for anyone in Melaka thanks to the special hometown ingredient- the popular and famous sugar made from Palm, the gula Melaka. A bowl of cendol with lavish lash of gula Melaka quickly elevates the quality of the otherwise ordinary pile of shaved ice dessert. Some expert foodie would also claim how the texture of green rice jelly and freshness of coconut milk would determine the score of a champion cendol but I say let’s not be too anal about it cause this simple sweet treat costs no more than a couple of ringgit most of the time.


But just when I thought it could be as simple as that, I paid RM 15 at the Oriental Cottage Cafe in Jonker Street at my recent visit and if I must be honest, I was a little off guard to neglect the menu, if there is any to begin with, and proceeded with ordering without asking the price of it. Come on … It’s cendol. Who asks for how much is it before ordering a bowl of cendol!? Everyone is under the impression that you wouldn’t pay more than RM 10 for regular cendol.


I was indeed impressed in the beginning when the staff started putting all the ingredients into a bowl cause it obviously is slightly different with the addition of sago and that’s not common ingredient in a cendol. He was friendly and polite when he gave permission to record and take pictures as he prepares my cendol. The place is cosy, filled with tourists and tranquilly relaxing for drinks and chilling out as you watch the crowd and passer-by in the Jonker Street. Coconut milk was really fresh and gula Melaka evidently elevates the quality of this sweet treat. Sago didn’t really help make the cendol extravagant in anyway thou it does gives an extra texture of lumpy chew to the dessert. But to pay RM 15 for this? Here’s a video from this little mishap.




I strangely felt a little melancholy for what has gone wrong with the industry? Well I am no judge or food critic but in my years as a food blogger, I would say let’s spend that money elsewhere shall we ?


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Oriental Cottage Cafe is located at:
98, Jalan Hang Jebat,
75200 Melaka.


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