When CEO of AirAsia Tony Fernandes announced on Twitter that the airline is opening its first Santan restaurant in Mid Valley Megamall this December, the first thing in mind for most people is either a yay or nay and usually nothing in between. Many were skeptical and if I may say, dubios even to ponder why should one be aiming to eat flight meals catering when you have so many other choices out there outside the cabin? And no matter how much you like your in flight meals, not dining at 30,000 feet just isn’t the same thing right ? And the peculiarities of dining at 30,000 feet, comes with brain stimulation to tuning your taste bud to receive the food experience accordingly to the mood during en route. When taking into account of purpose of flight, the experience as part of mood, would determine the satisfaction of a meal. Will the same food taste the same now that we are eating them disembarked ? Will this affect the taste of their food?


In-flight meals or airline food used to be complimentary at most of the time when budget or low cost carrier isn’t so much of the coolest thing in town . Now that this low cost carriage is gaining popularity and allowing everyone to fly, santan meals matters to many people.

Called the Santan and T&Co, the restaurant is now open and love it or hate it, one must admit that these in-flight meals are well and truly in a league of their own. On ground, think of it as a digital restaurant aiming to be a fast food chain of ASEAN dishes at affordable prices with kiosk booths and convenient lounging eatery area, minus potential turbulence, in one of the busiest malls in Malaysia. And according to Tony Fernandes, Santan and T&Co is to achieve 100 franchisee-operated restaurants in the next three to five years.


Big words like empowering the ASEAN communities, and utilising AI tech to analyse and understand consumers’ meal preferences, the company is aiming to advance with data collection and moving into era of digitalisation, in building lifestyle e-commerce.



This flagship is located in Midvalley Megamall, first floor and. You can order online with limited time on going promotion, visit santan.com.my.

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