The most delicious Tofu Dish I have ever tasted. And it is right here in Yogyakarta. 

There are plenty of resources and info on Google when it comes to researching and bookmarking your destination when traveling. I do plenty of bookmarking whenever stumbling upon anything interesting or trendy. One can only do this much as per what was available on the internet. But for what’s not on the internet, it will be a treat to experience it. I’ve been blessed and given the opportunity to learn about local culinary of Jogjakarta when I traveled with ministry of Tourism and creative economy Indonesia. The aim to this culinary trip is to have the local food better interpreted and better understood and hopefully have more people knowing and learning about the culinary of Yogyakarta. Along the trip were fun filled of course and best for foodies if food is a big travelling factor. 


Indonesia and Malaysia are similar in many ways, but at the same time, tremendous differences when it comes to incorporation of evolution when it comes to multiculturalism and differences of different ethic group of the locals of diferent traditions and customs on certain city or states. Malaysians in particular would find resemblance and similarity of certain food but this particular one is astounding and very much to my liking probably because I am a fan of tofu. I should also highlight that the tofu was delicious on its own to begin so that makes a huge difference should anyone attempt to make this at home. I am unsure if this is available all around city but if you are ever in Borobudur and within this area, make sure to stop by Balkondes Tanjungsari and ask for this dish called the Tofu Mercon. 


Made with delicious tofu mashed and stuffed with chilli before taking a dip in hot oil, there is a reason why it’s called tofu Mercon. Mercon translate into fire cracker so expect explosion when biting into these savoury balls of tofu. There’s a fluff of crispy and airy after frying, somewhat similar to puffed tofu but is juicy soft on the inside, it is one of the most memorable food I’ve had in my trip. Balkondes Tanjungsari is a homestay though one can walk in to feast on this delicious delicacy, but I’d highly recommend making prior arrangements to avoid disappointment. 



Being part of the tour organised by Multiguna group , this workshop was organised prior so we get to learn how to make this delicious tofu balls. It sure looks simple to hands on and making this but I doubt we get the same quality of tofu to begin with. If there is anything I miss from Yogyakarta, this would be one of it. 


Balkondes Tanjugsari is located at:

Jl. Giri Tengah No.KM. 105, Dusun V, Tanjungsari, Kec. Borobudur,

Magelang, Jawa Tengah 56553, Indonesia

Phone+62 812-8581-6313

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