With the longest history, the beef noodle is a forever fashionable old fashion dish that serves comfort and warmth. Existing in many countries where Chinese has stepped foot in, there are many versions of beef noodles but I reckon most people would have Hong Kong version in mind and this version, also my favourite version, is essentially remained untouched by the revolution of culinary. Sure some techniques have improved but the core of the dish remains the beefy broth and some hearty noodles, and my best memories of beef noodles remained in Hong Kong and Macao.

Here in Malaysia, we are very blessed with food we have some that’s been running for generations. I love brisket and tendon but oddly, it’s always the radish that puts a smile on my face. There’s no radish here in Yung Gee Beef Noodle but that US striploin did surprise me. Everyone would have a favourite combination of beef parts in their noodle- there’s beef brisket, chewy meatballs, and offals. And they have it all here so nobody gets left behind. And if you can’t decide, go for one with everything in it.




Yung Gee Beef Noodle has a great space and location in Damansara Perdana, making beef noodle crave slightly easier to be fulfilled. I love how the freshness of ingredients remaining untouched by the curse of quality decline that some restaurants go through under current climate of the Covid-19. 
The soft and savoury tendon so delicious to chew on, the soup was savoury and the portion so good as a comfort food. We know everything in a bowl of beef noodle is painstakingly prepared with lots of time invested in it to maintain such umami and flavourful soup. Hence the soup is what I appreciate more than the beef parts.



Connoisseurs of beef noodle and foodies often argue about what constitutes the perfect beef noodle and noodle type usually is what’s being neglected these days since most business owners prefer options of ready bought noodles. Here like many other beef noodle houses, is generally offering the usuals – mee hoon, hor fun, Lou Shu fun, and mee (lai fun on weekends only). 
Yung Kee Beef Noodle @ Damansara Perdana
16-1, Jalan PJU 8/5e, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7491 7474




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