There’s no better time to be back on posting than today as we celebrates the “Yan Yat” or #Chor 7″, aka everyone’s birthday. It’s also a perfect time to share the recipe from the first live cooking show I recently hosted with Nobu Kuala Lumpur, and I am really hoping that this recipe is going to be some sort of inspiration for those who is thinking of their Lou Sang session this year.

To those unfamiliar with Yan Yat, it’s the day most of us gather around to feast and celebrate one another as an appreciation to abundances of each others presence. Many believe this day was originally celebrated widely by the Cantonese community all over the world as the Chinese carried on the tradition according to a Chinese legend. According to the legend, goddess Nu Wa spent six days creating animals out of mud, and on the seventh day she created mankind while fixing the Pillar of Heaven.

On this day, many would indulge in a dish called yee sang in Cantonese or yusheng in mandarin (鱼生) which in its literal translation means raw fish. But the tradition of eating raw fish on Yan Yat is said to start from the fishermen living along the coast of Guangzhou, celebrating their fresh catches by feasting it. The term Yusheng signify abundance and therefore is regarded as an auspicious. This tradition must have been brought to Malaysia by the Chinese immigrants during the early times. Which at one point was heavily debated as to where Lou Sang was originally invented . Many sources lead to Singapore and Seremban, Malaysia; but there isn’t enough evidence pointing to either in definitely. BBC came up with a rather compiled and extensive article recently but that too became quite a discussion although there is still no solid evidence in appointing which location hosts the origin of Lou Sang.

With all that in mind I’ve got a recipe in hand that might intrigue those who aspires to make new dishes this Chinese New Year. Here’s two option to consider- the Black Cod Den Miso, and the Salmon New Style Sashimi from Nobu Kuala Lumpur, which I have personally tried during when I hosted my first live cooking show on Instagram. It was …intense. I’ve included part of the recoding on my vlog so please enjoy this video if anyone prefers to watch the cooking .

Here’s the full recipe to Nobu Kuala Lumpur’s signature dishes.

Black Cod Den Miso

Black Cod Den Miso
(Serves 1 Portions)
1 Alaskan Black Cod Fish 180grams each
1 Lemon (wedged for garnish)

Den Miso 350g
Sugar 450g
White Miso (Shiro Miso)
150ml Flamed Sake 150ml
Flamed Mirin

1. To make the Den Miso, mix the sake and mirin together in a pot and flame it. Next, mix in the sugar, white miso, flamed sake & mirin together and blend until smooth by using a hand blender. Then, cook the  miso at medium heat, stirring constantly so as not to let the mixture burn, for around 1 hour.
2. Using a wooden spoon, stir in the sugar until it has dissolved, then slowly mix the miso paste, little at a time. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly so as not to let the mixture burn, for 10 minutes.
3. Strain the mixture through a sieve to remove any lumps, allow to cool and then chill until quite cold.
4. Place the fish in a non-reactive container; pour a good splash of the den miso over each fillet and leave to marinate for 2 day in the refrigerator.
5. When you want to cook the fish, preheat a hot grill or the oven to 200C/gas Place the fillet in the preheated oven for 10- 12minutes, turning once if grilling, until cooked through and golden on the outside.
6. Place on a serving dish and dress the plate with A lemon wedge and a little extra den miso.

Salmon New Style Sashimi in two different plating

Salmon New Style Sashimi
(Serves 1 Portions)
5 slices of Sashimi grade Salmon
Julienne ginger
Garlic Puree
Chives Cherry tomato Olive & Sesame Oil (9:1)
Sesame Seeds

Yuzu Soy
100ml Yuzu Juice
200ml Soy Sauce

1. Heat up a 9:1 ratio of olive oil to sesame oil in a sauce pan till smoking.
2. Thinly slice the salmon sashimi and arrange nicely on the plate. 3. Rub a dot of garlic puree and add the chives and julienne ginger on to the salmon.
4. Drizzle the yuzu soy sauce onto the salmon sashimi. Lightly sear the sashimi with the heated olive & sesame oil
5. Sprinkle the sesame seeds and plate the cherry tomato on the side.

One can appreciate the hot oil searing as a good start to raw consumption, and I hope everyone would give this recipe – have a safe and happy festive celebration.

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