Style up the dishes ! 

Why food styling is crucial in photography when it comes to shoots with food involved has always been something subjective. Being in the creative industry in Malaysia, it is important to make sure that people understand the job scope and purpose of our roles. Similar to make up artists or hairstylists in a fashion shoot, a food stylist pretty much does the same in the set and playing quite a major role especially when food it the hero subject of the shoot. This is indeed a very specialized line of work requiring experience as we learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to understanding the property of food. And yet has always been neglected mostly because of the lack of understanding to styling and photography work when it comes to food.


And as time progresses, creative work translates more than what’s appeared visually. I see myself being slightly privilege when it comes to social media and I feel the importance to deliver what it takes to create each piece of art work. So, when John approached to publish a story on food works in the local paper, I am more than happy to be interviewed to share insights and my take on the current trend in the industry, I am super grateful when mainstream medias are featuring stories from my line of work so hopefully a wider audience can be informed as to how food styling and photography has long been integrated into our lifestyles.


It’s not everyday that you see a full page of cover story . Totally wasn’t expecting that. So I must thank John from Sun daily and here’s the link to the full interview:  

Here’s to hoping that more people would get to know my line or work a little better. Cheers to the creative community and all the artists out there who is constantly bringing joy and significance to the industry. 


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