vegan rendang

The general formula to this is to start with a slit along the radius of your tortilla with any choice of ingredients placed into quadrants or a third if your wrap sheet is small. The difference would be to fold your wrap to fit 4 or 3 ingredients. Naturally, lesser ingredient choices can fit in the later but this hack basically solves the challenging task of rolling ingredients and keeping them intact. The combinations are endless and the only limit is not even not being able to find a particular ingredient- Cause you practically can replace it with whatever you can find in your fridge. It can be sweet, savory, meatless, or vegan. Make this for breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper. Put your twist of sweet treat and it can be a dessert. Make this with classic festive dishes and you get festive vibes in your wrap.  

I made this Rendang mushroom wrap specifically for my client to pair the very delicious Swiss Chard. The firm leaves are perfect to hold the wrap in shape and the pairing with rendang is brilliant to introduce this vegetable to have them raw. The Swiss Chard is sweet with a slight bitter earthiness resembling the beetroot, and I often find this particular leaf challenging to be eaten raw. Up until I found this perfect combo!



vegan rendang

 This one is meat free and I choose oyster mushroom so they fit nicely in the wrap. Also, this was created partially inspired by a post I saw on Instagram when a friend was complaining on feeling stressed over the leftover paste. So, when client approached for a Raya recipe with this TikTok hack, I thought mushroom rendang can be perfect in conjunction with the festive celebration. It is now my favourite wrap if I am feeling light rendang meal. Feel free to try this with other vegetable but this is a good combination if you are trying Swiss Chard raw.

Recipe and Method: 

Rendang Wrap (serves 2 pax):
200g oyster mushroom Half yellow onion
2 cloves garlic
Salt and pepper to taste
2-3 TBS Greek yogurt
2 sheets of wheat tortilla wrap
Any preferred portion of Swiss Chard
Fried shallots
2 TBS leftover rendang paste or from packet.
Optional :Some Julienne carrot and sprinkled green onion
1.Wash oyster mushroom and pat dry.
2. Mix minced garlic and rendang paste into shredded oyster mushroom.
3. Stir fry until mushroom is soft, and then add onion. Taste and season if necessary.
4. Cut a radius slit on a tortilla sheet, put each ingredients in quarters and make three folds.
5. Pan-fried tortilla for crunchie texture. (optional)
6. Serve with salad or side of your choice.

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