Chinese gourmets are often exquisite where the combination of ingredients can be so simple yet amazingly breathtaking in food preparation. Located in the middle of Melaka town, there is a traditional Chinese restaurant offering great Chinese dishes and is also well known to be the host to many wedding dinner for many newly wed couples. I am more interested with the normal dishes served on daily basis so this time, I ordered some few common dishes as well as some delicacy recommended by them too. Beginning with the starters, I thought it was a bit too much probably for me for I am such a small eater. This combination platter of four dishes was very filling and luscious.


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One of the dish on the combination platter really intrigue me as it was presented in pocket tofu skin tied up with tangy minced meat inside. Every bite still have juicy meats and some soup in it. Somewhat like the Shanghai Siu long Pau.


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The meal was then followed by the usual favourite in Chinese culture, the Shark’s fin soup with crab meat. Similar to most restaurants, the fin is also being served separately and stirred into the soup upon serving at the dining table.


3. shark


Next came some simple dishes to go with white rice, the Claypot mix Vegetable and Tofu, which came with assorted mushroom, some chicken breast meats, peas, carrots, baby corn and Tofu. Complimenting these ingredients is the tasty thick brown starchy gravy.


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Now the stir fried vegetables here is really unique despite the simple cooking method. The secret here is a bit of Chinese wine. Well not a bit. In fact, quite a lot.


5. vege


Lastly I landed myself with some really sinful pork with bun. The Tong Poh Meat was amazing. It was very nicely stewed, meat so soft and tender as well as flavourful.


6. meat


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Good New World Restaurant is located at :
131-134, Jalan Besar,
Taman Melaka Raya,
75000, Melaka.
Tel 06-284 2528


Next time I return, I must try more dishes.
Love, sycookies




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