City dwellers from other states as well as from Singapore would drive for hours on weekend getaways to feast and gorge themselves on Melaka’s historical places as well as their street food. Well known to be having the best local food, mostly amazing local culinary delights. The veteran normally serves the best authentic dishes, and these are normally those that would excite you taste bud. I came by a stall on wheels with humongous crowd around it. When I pulled over to check things out, I waited really long before the crowd dismissed. Then I saw a Uncle with amazing chopping and cutting skills with a knife of his right hand and non-stop chopping and wrapping packets of Fish ball and Prawn Crackers.
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So I started checking out what’s selling. I bought a pack with everything in it and I love all this crunchy bites of deep fried fish balls, prawn crackers, stuffed yam, fried bean curd and the most amazing of them all, deep fried fish roe. Complemented with some cucumber and some awesome great sweet sauce and fiery chili sauce, you can never stop eating it.
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Prices range from RM 3 to RM10 depending on what’s ordered. Special item like the fish roe is RM 1.50 each.


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