Last month I finally get to see my few other girlfriends and since Ursula, is a vegetarian on that day so we decided to dine at vegetarian restaurant instead of Nav’s usual, lamb , lamb, lamb, lamb, and lamb. Oh, and fries. I can’t remember who suggested Nature’s Vegetarian but I vaguely remembered that it was Suba’s call.


Known to have made all of their food with soya bean, gluten, and tofu it might not have been the best vegetarian place I’ve been so far, but the dishes were great. The staffs were really friendly, but converse with very limited English. My Cantonese came in really handy and suddenly so pro, seeing the crowd that I am with. LOL. However, the menu was really helpful with lots of pictures and descriptions in English. We were firstly served some nice Chrysanthemum tea in pot. Nothing out of the ordinary, except I thought it was overpriced at RM12 a pot.


1.@nature vegetarian07


Then we had some Shark fin soup with crab meat which I enjoyed a lot. Having this once again reminds me that we don’t need real shark fins for the delicious shark’s fin soup so popularly favourable amongst Chinese as a cultural and traditional status representation in gastronomy.


2.shark fin soup


Mock meats in vegetarian food always amuses me especially this time around, we had Fried Chicken with Dried Chili, served sprinkled with roasted cashew nuts. That combination is a star. It was mildly spicy, and a little tangy from the tomato as well as amazing texture of the chicken.


3.fried chicken with dried chilis @nature vegetarian18


Then Nav wanted the Homemade Beancurd that came with wonderful colours from the beautiful ingredients in the dish. There is my favourite baby corn, as well as an array of mix vegetabels and mushrooms. And since that doesn’t quite seemed to satisfy her leafy craves, we also had the Fried Kailan in Oyster sauce. The vegetables were really crunchy and fresh. And I am surprisingly okay with the ginger shreds stir fried in the dish.


4.homemade beancurd@nature vegetarian17
5.fried kailan in oyster sauce @nature vegetarian15


And lastly, Yam Basket filled with a great mixture of bite sized ingredients of various texture and taste. I adore the chestnut giving the sweet and chunky crunch texture. I recommend this to any Yam basket lover.


6.yam basket


The meal costs RM 120 and the most precious value from the meal is definitely great company. Click here for more photos and updates on Foodeverywhere’s facebook page or follow me on twitter @sycookies .


7.@nature vegetarian21


Nature’s Vegetarian is located at :
24, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59000, Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +60 3 2283 5523



NOTE: Special moments are meant to be with joy and happiness. I’ve had lovely times with my girl friends after not being able to meet up for such a long time. Not too long after sharing such amazing meal, came this news of Ursula losing her beloved brother. This shocking news got us all startled in disbelief and may his soul rest in peace. I am sure brother of Ursula must have been a great encourager to people around him. Now that he is called home to be with the Lord, let his spirit be in memorable to all and to Ursula, stay strong for those who still need your strength and support. We are all here for you.


Love, sycookies


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  1. Anonymous

    Terrible experience. Dont keep promises. They said their priority is to maximize their business / profit. Shame on this restaurant who on the surface projected some religious purity but at the end is all hypocrisy ! Will never go there ever again.

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