Remember how we always watch those teen series where those kids would hang out in those American diners and have those big and fat patties of meat in their burgers with huge amount of thick, fat and crispy fries on the side? Well, think again if those plump patties were pork? Proceed to the Fatboy Burger now for those juicy patties of beef or pork with generous amount of crispy fries to satisfy your burger crave.


The seats were pretty cozy and there is in door, outdoor as well as bar seating for those wanting to just grab a bite and go.




As for the food, you may find more than just burgers here. But of course, it is called the Fatboy burger for a reason. Their main dishes are still the assorted burger choices. The Mahalo is this burger with bacon, stuffed pork patty, caramelized onions, grilled pineapple, and bacon with sesame seed bun. All these served with thick crispy fries, and some freshly cut cucumber and tomato slices at RM 18.50.




Next is the Jamaican Me Hungry . This one is the filled with Jerk seasoned bacon stuffed pork patty topped with sundried tomatoes, chewy bacon, homemade coleslaw and smothered mayonnaise on delicious sesame bun. For RM 19, this one is really juicy due to coleslaw in the burger. In general, their patties are succulent and thickly moist.




However, if you are confident and comfortable with your gastronomy senses, go ahead and build your own burger in simply steps of four. Choice of bun, choice of patty, add ons, and lastly sauces. All would range from as low as RM 1 –RM 13. This one is built with white sesame bun (RM 2), beef patty (RM 12), add ons of bacon (RM 3), Sautéed shitake mushroom (RM 3), and Cheddar cheese (RM 2.50). I call it…’Monster fungi’ and that cost RM 22.50.




Next one will be called the ‘Cheese-nion’ at RM 23, with choice of Whole wheat bun (RM 2), Beef patty (RM 12), Bacon (RM 3), Caramelized onions (RM 3.50), and Emmenthal cheese (RM 2.50). I guess no talent in cooking is fine too. It was delicious.


5.Build your own burger in 4 steps; RM23


There is other stuff like the Soup of the day which happens to be mushroom soup at RM 8. The soup has got plump ingredients but I didn’t like it tasting too salty.


6.@fatboy burger (7) RM 8


Or not, there are steaks, and Fish and Chips at RM 19. The classic fish and chips are made of the traditional way with homemade beer batter. When served with malt vinegar, it’s pretty awesome. and chips@fatboy burger (9)RM 19


Finally don’t forget to finish the meal with some Hot tea at RM 6.50, or Ice lemon tea at RM 6. Now the ice lemon tea is really cool to go with the burgers and fries.




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Fatboy’s Burger is located at :
Lot 30, Level G2 ,Publika
No 1 , Jalan Dutams 1
Solaris Dutamas, 50480 KL
Tel :03-62061352


Love, Sycookies



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