Have dinner before movie and then hope that there is no delay in the kitchen so you won’t miss any bit of your movie? Or skip your dinner and have supper instead? How about if you hog your food without enjoying them just so you can rush to make it on time for your movies? Or the best thing to do is to pack and smuggle your food in the cinema and hope that you manage to dig through your food while holding on to them and try not to spill anything on yourself.


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TGV club gives a better option by offering food with proper tray slot for your food. Sometime last week, I watch the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ at the TGV club and tasted their Ramadan package. It was fairly a good deal, pricing at RM 50 each. With that, there is a main course, one mock tail, and dessert. During Ramadan, the desserts are replaced with Yusuf Taiyoob dates. I guess that is perfect for breaking fast timing as well. Not to mention the comfortable lounge and comfortable seats.


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The seats are nicely arranged with a tray big enough for your food and drinks. And must I say how comfortable those seats are?


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And moving to the ultimate purpose of me in TGV club that day, I really did look through their menu. Nothing too sophisticated; there were snacks and puffs, and the main courses with primary ingredient of the sausages. The same sausage you get from over the counter when you purchase your hot dog or mini dogs. Except that this is done with some more effort so it doesn’t taste too boring and ordinary. Each ‘sausage’ meals cost RM 22.90 if ordered ala carte. First is the CLUB Mash n’ Bangers where you get chicken sausages served with rich cranberry sauce. Complimented with chunky vegetables and mashed potatoes. And I am guessing those mash potatoes came from their mash potato machine over the counter as well.


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Next is another main dish, the CLUB Grilled Sausages served with sauté potatoes and chunky vegetables. Topped with a generous serving of honey mustard and caramelized relish. The thing about these sausages is that the flavour was pretty awesome on its own. But the vegetables somewhat slack a little as every bite of those mushrooms still have dirt in it. They probably should have washed it first or something? I don’t know, but it was rather disgusting chewing to sand like textured mushrooms. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again.


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The Mocktails were rather intriguing. The Passion Lychee has got this rich passion fruit flavour where else the Passion Mojito was slightly sweeter than the first one. All mocktails price at RM 9.90 each. I like how it was properly served with straws and everything making the entire experience really fun and delightful. The same goes with their meals, even though it wasn’t served on nice plates, we get proper stainless steel utensils rather than some plastic forks and knifes. Kudos!




And if that is not good enough, don’t forget their popcorns. Most of the time, they are pretty fresh. I do remember they sometimes have got some that has been left too long that it is no longer crunchy. But that happened once in a blue moon.


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During this Ramadan month, purchase the Ramadan combo for two at RM 100 for two tickets, two main course, two mocktails and half dozen of Yusuf Taiyoob dates. On top of that, receive a booklet with more discount vouchers in it. Discounts for more food and even some cash rebate from zalora online shopping.


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In all, I thought the food was quite brilliant. And the movie is of course awesome. Anyone who has not watch it should so totally catch it in the cinemas. Go for one with comfy seat to fully enjoy the movie. And, I can assure you that you won’t go wrong with this one.
Not all TGV serves this promotion package so you might want to check out their website for further updates and information. Follow them on twitter @TGVcinemas and please take note these promotional offers cannot be purchased online. They have got to look into this as I do find this a real disadvantage if customers like planning ahead for movies. I am rather happy with TGV Sunway Pyramid. The staffs were pretty helpful and friendly too.


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  1. Foong Pc (@foongpc)

    The only time I ate a meal in the cinema was at GSC Signature last year. I had one problem then when they brought me the food – the cinema hall was so dark, I did not know what I was eating and had to use my handphone’s light to check out my food! LOL!

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