My previous visit to this restaurant was rather satisfying and to be very honest, this place has conveniently been providing good ambience and palatable dim sum to fellow Puchong residents. The best thing about them is that they open all day selling dim sums only.


111.@yuen garden dim sum (25)
222.@yuen garden dim sum (20)


When passed peak hours, all dim sum would be freshly served upon ordered. That probably is the favourite part because I love those freshly steamed and fried dim sums.


333.@yuen garden dim sum (24)


See my previous post here . This time around, I had the Deep fried bean curd rolls with shrimp, served with mayonnaise and the Honey BBQ pork.


444.Deep fried bean curd rolls with shrimp RM 4.50 yuen garden puchong dimsum (12)
555.Honey BBQ pork RM 1.60 @ yuen garden puchong dimsum (17)


Other fried items are the Turnip cake which I thought wasn’t too great as the flour was a little too much in ratio with those turnips. The outer layer is crispy and the inner layer is soft hence giving a perfect texture.


666.turnip cake RM 3.50 yuen garden puchong dimsum (4)


I also really like the Fried Yam as well as the Fried Yau Char Kwai with salad sauce. Selling at RM 4 and RM 5 respectively, I think the later is pretty amazing.


777.Yam RM 4 @ yuen garden puchong dimsum (4)
888.Yau Cha Kwai with Salad sauce RM 5 @yuen garden puchong dimsum (14)


Also try the Stuffed eggplants with fish paste at RM 4. The plump amount of fish paste would satisfy anyone with big appetite.


999.Stuffed eggplants with fish paste R M4 yuen garden puchong dimsum (8)


And speaking of fish paste, I always like the Fu Chuk roll. It is steamed with slight superior soup making the roll moist and sweet.


1010.yuen garden puchong dimsum (6)


Following those steaming hot dim sums, the Shrimp Dumpling is always lovely because the shrimp is always fresh.


11.11.yuen garden puchong dimsum (5)


Other great and usual dim sum would be their Pork porridge and the Rice Noodle with Char Siew


999.Stuffed eggplants with fish paste R M4 yuen garden puchong dimsum (8)


See more from my previous post here .


Yuen garden dim sum is located at :


1 Jalan Kenari 18
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47100 Puchong Selangor, Malaysia


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