Along with the recent dim sum frenzy, there will be unlimited posts with all the dim sum restaurants and I think if this goes on anymore longer, by the end of the year I would probably be too sick of it already. I am still reminiscing the Loh Mai Kai from the previous post on Mee Bon . My midnight dim sum craze normally pacified by Restaurant Ful Lai in Kuchai Lama. I decided to check out the Kepong outlet so I went during the day time and found out that their dim sum is much pleasant than the branch in Kuchai Lama.


As usual, one cannot say no to the all time love so the first that I ask for is the Baked Cheese Escargot. This item requires a fair 15 minutes of waiting which I thought it is rather fair. Comparatively, this is no different from that in the Kuchai Lama outlet.


1.RM 12 @ fui lai dim sum (2)


I don’t recall the Kuchai branch having menu, but this one here has got their menu so I pointed something from it. Mostly those not on the tray presented to us when selecting our dim sum. There is the Yong Tau Fu which has this ridiculous amount of fish paste stuffing at RM 7.90.


2.RM 7.90 @ful lai dim sum (13)


Next is the Chee Cheong Fun and some Pei Tan Chuk (century egg porridge).


3.Rm4 @ful lai dim sum (1)
4.RM 3.60 @ful lai dim sum


When it comes to dim sum, I’ve always prefer anything in served directly from the steaming basket rather than on plates. The steam maintains the flavour of those dim sum from roaming off too quickly. Authentic dim sum is always hark au (prawn clear dumpling) or Siew mai. Here you get things like the Scallop and Fish Maw.


5.@ful lai dim sum (8)
6.@ful lai dim sum (10)
7.@ful lai dim sum (9)


Those dim sum from the steaming basket are often lighter in flavour. If desiring something with a stronger flavour, go for the Steamed Pork ribs cutlets and Marinated Chicken Claw. It is definitely not Fear Factor dishes but I think some people thinks that chicken feet are catagorised in the bizarre food list, which reminds me about the Fear Factor challenge I watched few years back. The challenge is to eat chicken feet. Hmm… I would have won the 10k easily. And probably create a record on the show with the fastest time to finish a challenge.


8. ful lai


But my favourite would have to be the Bacon wrapped Fish Paste. Even more expensive than the Chee Cheong Fun but for RM 4.50 it is not too bad as they were really delicious. Mostly thanks to the falvour of the bacon strip.


9.RM4.50 @ful lai dim sum (1)


Ful Lai has got a fair bit of variety which is really not bad given the assortment from steamed to fried items. Oh and there is no fried item this time because yours truly was kind of having some throat irritation. Fear not of course, I would be back and by then readers can take a glance at what fried items have Ful Lai got to offer.


10.@ful lai dim sum (4)


Ful Lai Kepong branch is located at:
No 47 & 49, Jalan 3/62A,
Bandar Sri Manjalara,
Off Jalan Kepong, Mukim Batu,
55200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-6274 7610


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