So much Korean restaurant in town and honestly, they are mostly palatable. So what makes them the best or the cut above the rest would be the array of side dishes served. Also, some offers slightly more exotic dishes than the rest. Basic Korean cuisine here offers what’s now known common like the barbeques, the soups and stews, fried glass noodles, and the kimchi dishes.


Here in Speacialist Mr Lim B.B.Q restaurant, you get nice and healty side dishes (refillable of course) and steam egg with lots of fresh lettuce.


1. side dish @ mr lim korean restaurant070


For the B.B.Q, it is the pork belly and the marinated pork. Pork belly is thin slice where as the marinated pork has succulent amount of meat.


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4. bbq  @ mr lim korean restaurant
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The pork belly was amazing. I’m always worry it could be overdone hence causing the belly strips being hard to chew. But here, lightly salted and chewy made the barbequed meat a great wrap in the lettuce.


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7. bbq pork belly @ mr lim korean restaurant


Also, the steam egg was one of the best I’ve had in many Korean restaurants in town. I can honestly say that it’s so much better than the one served in the famous Daore Korean BBQ. Lightly seasoned and smooth texture makes great combination to the barbeque.


8. steam egg @ mr lim korean restaurant


Above all that, let’s not overlooked the important sauces and additional spices to the barbeque wrap which creates more explosive aroma when eating.


8.2 Picture st 072


And for soups, it’s the must have kimchi jiggae and the beef tendor both served with white rice. Kimchi stew here is perfectly cooked, thick and generous with lots of kimchi, spring onions, carrots, glass noodles and mushrooms. However, it was lack of pork slices. It would be nice if they’ll have more pork slices in it. But I still think it was acceptable, after all it’s a restaurant and they’ve got to watch the profit margin. The soup is nonetheless still magnificent to go with white rice. I find it a little briny but most people love it.


9.kimchi stew @ mr lim korean restaurant
10. Picture st 100


In contrary to the thick briny kimchi stew, the beef tendor soup was rather clear. So for sharing, it made a great combination.


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12.Picture st 074


This is one of the great things in Korean meals; the many choices of variety along with the array of side dishes in most of their meals. Not to mention the very appetizing kimchi, to go along with almost everything and anything.


13. side dish @ mr lim korean restaurant8


Lactobacillus in kimchi is already perfect for a healthy digestive system and colon, but the side dishes here are really high fiber. They are mostly choices of vegetables, which is a great combination of texture when go with the main courses.


14. side dish @ mr lim korean restaurant_副本


And finally, the bibimbab ( a mixture of vegetables, minced meat, rice and sauce) served with soup and egg. I personally prefer bibimbab served in hot stone pot, but this one is fine. It was nothing great as you get something similar right about just anywhere else, somewhat at the level of being palatable. So do not expect ambrosial experience with this despite how good it looks in the pictures. The great amount of vegetables did make the dish amazingly refreshing when consume.


15. Picture st 082
16. bibimbab @ mr lim korean restaurant
17. bibimbab  @ mr lim korean restaurant


With all this spicy dishes, and like every other Korean restaurants, there is free flow of water so for those whom doesn’t handle spicy food that well, this is your solution.


free flow water @ mr lim korean restaurant


Mr Lim’s Korean BBQ is located at:


5G Jalan 26A/70A Primaville,
Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 6201 6984
Opening times: Open daily, 11am-3pm & 5pm-11pm


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  1. Simeon

    What a shame on the person in charge of this outlet. His body lauguage really bad when he takes ur order where he keeps pushing customers to order more than what they can eat…haiz sad

    • Thonas

      Yes totally agree. He gives a ” dirty look ” suggesting not enough, and kept suggesting soup etc… Side dishes are lesser now and the per portion meat are smaller too. Won’t recommend.

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