Lightly battered, the piece of dory fish was fried to perfection. It was still moist and juicy inside whilst the batter was crisp crackling when biting it. Their special (tartar) sauce was a delish as it was nicely seasoned with bits of jerkins in it. Instead of big white fancy plates, they serve their fish and chips “the authentic way”, that is on pieces of (tracing) papers. A novelty way or not, I think it’s a brilliant idea especially for takeaways and it somehow reminds me of UK. And even the chips are battered and take note the battered chips are not served with the fish. Some like only the chips so the both are served separately. Chips itself is RM 6.90.


2.dory and battered chips@NEMO (10)RM 8.90, RM 6.90


But if you dislike chips, there are always the potato wedges which priced the same as those chips. I like sour cream to go with it. So what you do is top up a RM1 and you get sour cream to go with these lovely wedges.


3.wedges @nemo cafe RM 6.90


The name of the restaurant is Nemo, so naturally there will be lots of seafood. Try the luscious Marinara seafood spaghetti and you get this plump amount of a variety of seafood at RM 25. There are calamari, prawns, fish fillet and mussels in some tempting tomato based sauce sprinkled lightly with some mozzarella cheese.


4.marinara @NEMO (7)


I must be honest that the seafood is fresh, but the sauce lacks a little. I thought it was ordinary and it would be greater with a more generous amount of cheese.


5.marinara @NEMO (9RM25)


I prefer the Aglio Olio Prawn compared to the Marinara. The prawns are also fresh and delicious so if you like seafood in pasta, than you can give this a go. This is a perfect combination of spicy peppers, garlic and olive oil.


6.aglio olio prawn@nemo cafe (5) RM 25


And if you are not up for those big portions, then they have this delectable light bites which would be great for small eaters of simple just sharing. The Fish Bite is this amazing strips of fish fillet and served with tartar sauce and some green salad. The Mussels on the other hand was a little disappointment to me as it might have been over fried just a little. bite@nemo cafe (6)RM 9.50
8.Fried mussels@nemo mont kiara (11)


The bites have all the same battered coat, so they would taste similar when just tasting the crispy battered bites. What distinguishes them would be the natural fresh falvour of the seafood. Fried mussels@nemo mont kiara (12)


Of course they have more than just seafood. There is Chicken Chop which is deliciously juicy and succulently tasty. The moment the knife cuts the tender chicken tight, the juice glides along the knife. And they are really tasty.


10.chicken chop @ nemo (3)


Served with the thick and creamy wild mushroom sauce with chunks of mushrooms in it, this cannot be any more complete, not without the coleslaw which is also great.


11.chicken chop @ nemo (2)
12.chicken chop @ nemo


They have also got sandwiches which is convenient and environmental friendlily pack for take-a-ways.


13.portebello steak sandwich Rm15.90@nemo mont kiara (12)
14.portebello steak sandwich Rm15.90@nemo mont kiara (13)


The Portebello Steak Sandwhich would be a great choice if they have fresher Portabello mushrooms. It was palatable still, just not fantastic. The sandwich is served with a whole grilled portabello mushroom, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, caramelized onions, and vinaigrette dressing. The flavour was great for the vinegar drenched onto the salad in the sandwich really drives the saliva gland to psycho the mind into telling you want more of it.


15.portebello steak sandwich Rm15.90@nemo mont kiara (17)


As for their beverages, there are alcoholic drinks like beers and non-alcoholic drinks like coke, 100plus etc. Also available is beverages like the Lemon Mint Cooler, assorted tea, and coffee etc.


17.Esprit @nemo cafe (3)RM 8
18.lemon mint cooler@nemo mont kiara (2) tea @nemo cafe (2)RM 5
20.english breakfast @nemo mont kiara


Nemo café is located at :
D-0G-05, Plaza Mont Kiara,
No. 2, Jalan Kiara,
Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-6314 8849
Operating hours:
Mon – Fri:9:00 am -10:00 pm
Sat – Sun:9:30 am-6:00 pm


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