Ang ku kuih or translated directly to English would be the Red Tortoise Cake is a common traditional pastry originated from China. Universally shaped in round or oval shape, this Chinese pastry is commonly prepared with sticky glutinous rice flour and sweet potato as skin and wrapping around a sweet filling in the center. Chinese believes in tortoises bringing longevity as the tortoises are mostly almost living an eternity lifespan. Chinese also believes in the symbol of this cake to bring good fortune and prosperity. That is why; this is commonly prepared during auspicious celebrations or ceremonies. They are culturally important to the Chinese on birthdays for the new born and the elderly. It represents longevity and good health to the child and the elderly.


Today, older generations still practice this culture and it still holds a significant symbol to most of them. But most people do not restrict to any special occasion to be eating this anymore. See my last post here to find out where you can get one of these delicious kuih.


Mum being the usual awesome pastry chef has always been doing the Ang Ku Kuih and I have never published it on the blog before. Mum has always been real creative with traditional recipes. That’s why it is purple in colour instead of the usual red.




The colours are not really intense before steaming and it is important to avoid dabbing to much oil onto the surface the kuih.




To begin, we started off with the choices of the fillings. This time, I wanted the red bean paste. So mum made the red bean paste. Then mum proceed with the skin, using some sweet potato and glutinous flour.




I wanted bite size so mum made really tine ones for me. The technique to prepare this is somewhat similar to that of making the pau. The filling was wrapped in the center with the skin.




Don’t forget the banana leaves beneath each kuih so after steaming you also get very mild fragrant from the leaf.




The steaming doesn’t take too long, and before you know it, viola!




Lastly, its nom, nom, nom……


9. IMG-20111005-04393


A tip to readers, these little devils taste much better when flattened and fried both sides till it is slightly crisp.


Note: I didn’t make this so I do not know the recipe and amount of ingredient.


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      Sean, thanks for the compliment. Mum’s gonna be real happy to find people liking her purple ku kuih. Although she is already aware of it thanks to all her friends. Let’s not over compliment her…already on cloud nine.

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