Eat and Drink Melaka returns with chapter 8, publishing some useful tips when dehydrated in the ever famous Jonker Street in Melaka. The previous chapters have all been mostly just food, but this is something pretty for those in appreciation to art and culture. Melaka is a city with people that are friendly and laid back. Not to mention hot spots like the Jonker street is forever filled with tourist from everywhere else. A place that is so rice in culture easily kills hours of your time if you were to explore everything. I would know, because it takes me forever to actually find out what’s in every corner.




The main street with mostly sale items and souvenirs is the one getting a lot of attention. The streets are so narrow, and with cars parked alongside the roads, strolling Jonker Street with a car can be pretty nasty. Feet or bicycle would be the best to really indulge in the rich culture and art of this place. The experience is breath taking and you’ll learn things you never know, and see fascinating things. I came across this leaves and have been puzzled ever since then. The shop was not operating so I couldn’t quite refer to anyone as to what are these.




Also, vintage and real classic signs boards and pretty art is everywhere in the Jonker Street.




At a particular junction in the middle of my search of the mural for the National Chinese Cultural Festival of Malaysia, I found the remedy to the heat and fatigue attack you ought to have at one point of the walk. The best thirst quench is this traditional herbal tea and Gui Lin Kao.




After the perk from the tea, the ultimate goal was achieved. The mural of horses and the art of Chinese calligraphy so beautifully painted on the wall.


11.wall with words (12)
12.wall with words (5)
13.wall with words (3)
14.wall with words (11)


Halle Herbal Tea House is located at :
66 & 66A, Jalan Hang Kasturi,
75200 Melaka
Tel: 019-659 2121


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  1. missyblurkit

    not been to malacca town or even jonker street for some time. each time the urge to go down only occurs during the festive break and then i will change my mind because of the jams. i seriously need to pencil in a trip to malacca…if only i can do so during a weekday.

    • sycookies

      Thanks wilson. Those paintings are gonna be there like probably forever. I think photographers would really love venturing every corner of this area. I know I can’t take my eyes off every little thing. And that is probably every 10 steps. I would bring a better camera the next time I revisit. Don’t feel bad, make another trip to melaka again.

  2. farhana you know what the chinese character in the last picture means? I took some photos there before but im afraid to post it cause i dont know what it meant. It would mean a lot if you could explain to me. Tq

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