During my last visit to the pasar malam in the Happy Garden, one interesting snack I discovered was the Green Pancake. Basically, it is the usual pancake but instead the usual colour, this one has a bright green colour where they claim to be not artificial but natural pandan leaves. It comes with various flavour, ie the fillings, and they use natural ingredients which focuses mainly on health benefits.




Honestly, how is that anyhow related to health benefits but I am pretty sure they flavours are pretty intriguing. There are cereal, sweet corn, banana, and chocolate and raisins. Of course the best seller called the green pancake is one with pandan flavour and ground nuts.




Firstly the pan is really huge, and the flour mix panda was really pretty in colour even before it was cooked. It started with an even spread, and flowed by sugar the is smoothly sifted onto the pancake.




That is then followed by the grounded nuts till it was fully layered.




The pancake is intentionally left slightly moist on the inside when folded into half while the crust remains crispy and crunchy.




The big pancake is then cut into smaller triangles for the perfect bite size.




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